Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Meals al fresco (7-11) ...

JUNE 1, 2017
The Apple Hills are, probably were, a legendary route for cross country runners in the 1990s. From the high school (in its old location), up past the Mullany's house (though they've moved) behind St. Mary's (or is it the Mayo Clinic now), then down to the frontage road. Past Bamber Valley, tear off to the right toward a rolling set of mega-hills -- the kind where you begin to hallucinate reptiles, you can taste your pancreas' every move, and the lyrics to a Steve Miller Band song can synch to your steps until the repetition wears your brain smooth as stone.
I did the hills part, but backward, and I want to say I killed it -- but mostly I just did it pretty A-OK.
I landed at the haircut place just as Chuck was leaving, and then we drove around in search of a lunch with a side of green juice.
Bam, a weirdo oasis I've never seen. Two beet juices and two wraps -- mine had sprouts and avocado -- to go. We ate on a side patio at my parents and didn't even finish the kale chips.

JUNE 1, 2017
By just-after 4 p.m., the patio in Loring Park was full. A player could do some sort of eyeball math to figure out how many laps around the block and how many elbows would have to be thrown to secure a spot if ever a table cleared. But a couple saw us scanning the patio and said we could join them -- they were just waiting on the check.
Early on in the convo, they asked if we were empty-nesters.
"We have a 3-year-old," I told them.
We chuckled, all for our own reasons, then they left.
Then Chuck and I ate a cheese plate and I had Mahi Mahi Tacos and he had spicy Falafel and we were still super hungry later so we had soft pretzels at Glueks, but I'm not sure that counts as a meal taken outside.

JUNE 2, 2017
Oof. We hoofed on down to another restaurant in the same strip for beet juice and breakfast. I ordered smoked salmon on an everything bagel -- and about 4 seconds before it came out I realized it was going to be lox -- which I was not going to be able to stomach under the current circumstances.
Sure 'nuff.
Chuck had ordered a brown rice bowl with a poached egg and kimchi. He traded with me, but I could barely eat that either. Bummer, man.

JUNE 2, 2017
Beet salad and two glasses of wine at French Meadow with Hank and K. I added a side of salmon -- a kind I could have done just fine with in the morn. Eventually we settled into a booth at CC Club. Around 10 p.m., Hank threw down a bunch of cash, insisted that the server refill our drinks, then he and his wife beat it before we could object.

JUNE 3, 2017
We sat on a bench in St. Paul and drank a pre-juiced beet juice -- which seemed weird, that I didn't get to watch them juice it, but it was delicious so whatevs.

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