Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Meals al fresco (4-6)

MAY 20, 2017
The details of the meal escape me, though I'm assuming there was a salmon element. What I do remember, however, is that Chach, who can now activate the deck door without assistance, dragged a fourth chair to the small, round, stone bistro table I bought from Shopko in the mid-aughts. One of her favorite dolls, a baldie named Bentleyville who is permanently stripped to the equivalent of an old-fashioned swim costume, sat between us as we took our fourth al fresco meal of the summer.

MAY 25, 2017
This seemed like a terrible idea. It had been raining, then not raining all day long. We had a brief moment of sunshine just as I was finishing making dinner: polenta with vegan pesto (spinach-basil, nutritional yeast, olive oil, garlic). I make this at least once a week. It was Chach who suggested we eat outside and I started to say Nah until I realized that was insane, carpe diem, etc. So I dried off the chairs and we took our plates out. A few gnats swirled, like, "we're coming for you but not yet," and it was like one degree below optimal comfort. Ah, well.

MAY 28, 2017
The annual Memorial Day party at The Great Archivist and Geo Grl's. The latter asked for feng shui advice in placing the table, then opted for a spot less soggy. Chach played fetch with the dog -- only in this version she'd throw and they'd both chase the ball. We were part of the early swarm, Chuck had to work, and we filled plates with dogs, macaroni and cheese, chips and other picnic fare. I doubled back for an extra dog and the stranger next to me invited me to come to her house to learn how to brew my own kombucha -- because this is the kind of party where those kind of great connections are made. We left before the bocce.

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