Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Meals al fresco (1-3)

On April 22 we took two of our three meals in the open air. For the first, we raided the deli at the Co-op for two adult sandwiches to complement the daily homemade PB preferred by our Baby Chicken. We took this backpack load to Rock Knob at Hartley Nature Center -- which offers a trees-upon-trees vista.

Him: A hummus wrap.
Her: A turkey-cheese sandwich.
To be shared, but really eaten by her: a bag of salt-n-pepper crinkle chips.
I'm sure there was some fruit in there.

Later that night we used a cedar log acquired at Christmas to cook salmon and a grill basket also acquired at Christmas to roast up a mess of something that I've already forgotten about -- though there were avocados. We ate at the small, stone two-top table on our deck adding a bonus chair from the kitchen table. It's a tight squeeze for us three. I bought that table in the early 2000s so that I could turn an extra room of my apartment into skateboard park by day, bistro by night. Anyway, the place was totally gross and when we had that Asian beetle infestation, I probably ended up swallowing 200 of them in my sleep. I also didn't get my deposit back.  

Sometime last week, while Chuck was home vacationing: We grilled brats that had been cooked in Bent Paddle. I was awarded the final two sips from the can, which was enough to make it mega festive.

This is just a snack taken al fresco, which does not count toward our summer Meals Al Fresco tally

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