Monday, October 3, 2016

I forgot about the keys ...

Today I took both my keys and Chuck's keys to work, leaving him with no way to take Chach to preschool or himself to work. But before I knew that, I plugged my meter with two hours worth of coinage. I walked from downtown to Canal Park, enjoying the last licks of the live episode of "My Favorite Murder." I was smiling the whole time, which I think should make other people happy to see. Happy Woman Walking.
I got the text right as I settled into my appointment with a 14-seat passenger van.
No keys, no problem. Can the Norwegian Wonder just drop you at work? I wondered, then remembered preschool. Oof.
The van operator offered to take me home to West Duluth, but I could tell by the air in the van that it would be asking a lot. How about back downtown, he asked. But just as we were getting the logistics sorted, which included rescheduling the 14-passenger van, Chuck texted that the Norwegian Wonder was on her way and he could always take his other car, the Freedom Mobile we haven't tried to sell yet.
So Chach got to preschool, Chuck got to work, I kept my appointment.
I should probably get an orange fob for my keychain.

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