Thursday, February 18, 2016

Super into this week: Mostly just Vanderpump ...

A few things that have happened since I was last Super Into This Week:

Chach got skis for Christmas. 
1. I've traded in Old Fashioneds for Martinis with three olives stuffed with jalapenos and cheese.
2. I got my child to sit on a toilet seat without pants and emit a single dribble into it. Once. Weeks ago.
3. We started a Tub of Hummus a Night habit.

"Fates and Furies" by Lauren Groff
Funny story: Somewhere in mid-December I published a list of the Top 5 books I'd read in the past year, which felt like a lie because I was up to my neck in Groff's "Fates and Furies" and I knew-knew-knew it should be on my list, but I wasn't going to be done with it before my deadline and I'm rules-y (with some things).
So I fudged a bit. (But, turns out, I shouldn't have worried about it.)
Here's my review.

Chach's preferred outfit.
"Vanderpump Rules": I am obsessed, just obsessed, with this Bravo show about sexy 20-somethings (well, some are in their 30s, not that they'd admit it) who all work at a West Hollywood restaurant-lounge known for crunchy chicken, goat cheese balls and braless servers. They all run in the same circle and date the same people and do terrible things to each other and it's hugely entertaining. It all starts with Stassi and Jax, a sort of Barbie and Ken, whose relationship crumbles within the first few minutes of the camera focusing in their direction. This is bad for business, since Stassi's squad is dating Jax's bros. But, never fear, everyone's sleeping with various bottle service girls in Vegas, so. Anyway, now I'm almost done with Season 3 so I'm going to have to BUY the current season because we don't have cable but I don't even care because It's So Freaking Good.

(Does anyone want to talk about "Vanderpump Rules"? I kind of want to start a secret Facebook group that will deconstruct it like it's the finest of literature.)

Also: I've completely stopped watching "The Good Wife" because of this show and;
Also Also: Don't listen to Stassi's podcast. Yowsa. Zzzz. And I'm a great Stassi apologist.

Chach and one of her best friends.

"The Blunderer" by Patricia Highsmith
Patricia Highsmith's old-school suspense novel opens with the perfect crime. This book has a very distinct 1950s crime novel smell, but I guess I turned the pages quickly.
Review is here.

Here's my column about how I have no time for anything but "Vanderpump Rules."

"Everest": Okay, this movie about that oft-talked about Everest expedition where a ton of bad things happened is good, fine, whatever. But have you ever noticed that all men with beards and North Face look exactly alike? It's tough viewing, friends. Also: I was ruined by one of the deaths for days, DAYS, after seeing this movie even though I read Krakauer's book and knew everything (that I hadn't forgotten) already.

Meghan Daum on "Making a Murderer": I know we're all done talking about the Netflix Original Series, but I never got a chance to double back and retract all my "whoas" and then insert some "uhohs" instead. Regardless, Meghan Daum, my favorite writer, did it for me.

"Straight Outta Compton" made me wonder what in the heck I was doing in the mid-1980s. I liked rap, why wasn't I listening to NWA?

Note: One thing though, and this is for all moviemakers, STOP MAKING MOVIES SO LONG.