Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Super into this week: Pajamagrams, lentil soup, murder ...

Things that happened this past week:
1. I received the best gift of my entire life: A pair of hoodie footie pajamas from Pajamagram. And they are even more fan-flipping-tastic than I had imagined. There are even little thumb holes in the long sleeved arms.
2. Chach said to me: "Does Elsa have nipples?"
3. I found out that neither Chach nor I have strep throat.

"I'm Having a Friendship Affair" by Kim Brooks, New York Magazine
I'm not totally like this, but I'm enough like this that it made me want to drink wine and braid someone's hair. Also: Then I started following Kim Brooks on Twitter.

"LA Lately" by Israel Nash: 1. If I like a song and the song mentions Los Angeles, I will like it even more especially since I haven't been there for years and I've been watching "Transparent" and some of the generic city views make me woozy. 2. This song reminds me of another song that mentions Los Angeles, "Black Lexus" by Joseph Arthur, which was the first official Song that References Los Angeles that started me liking songs that reference Los Angeles.
Aside from that, this one has this big swirling sound and is a little Pink Floyd-y and a little Neil Young-y, but I'm putting heavier weight on the Joseph Arthur for the sake of my pride.

Megan Tan is a recent college graduate who isn't sure of her next move, so she decides to make a podcast about figuring out what's the what. Lesson One: She gets an email from the Los Angeles Times asking if she's interested in applying for an internship making video for the paper. She hems and haws and interviews friends and ultimately decides nah, she doesn't want that to be her job. She's into radio. She wants to do that.
Pause, suffocate a little: Wouldn't a person interested in telling stories get some huge value from learning from other photo journalists at the Los Angeles Times, even if the medium is different? Answer: Yes so hard.
Anyway, I've decided to swallow my shock and remember that I am a tourist in Millennials-ville, so. Here is a decision that A Millennial made, Old Lady Gen X.
Anyway, five episodes in. I feel like I could stop, but I'm not going to and then, soon, I won't be able to.

Red Lentil Soup with Lemon: This is like Lentil Soup for the person who has no faith in Lentil Soup, like, for instance, me. I've tried lots of Lentil Soup in my life and, yum, hot texture. This one requires some accessorizing -- like, add that lemon juice, olive oil and Cayenne pepper --  but it's super good and one of those things I can just happen to have the ingredients to make in my kitchen AT ALL TIMES (well, usually). So welcome to my second favorite homemade soup.
PS: This week I realized my tomato paste had lily pads of mold floating on it, so I just substituted Trader Joe's Roasted Garlic Marinara and then got to feel pretty smug when it didn't suffer. Boom.

I'm halfsies on this season. Bowe is no Adnan. I'll probably listen to the whole season, but I probably won't, like, slip into a robe every week and sit in a dark living room sipping whiskey while we listen and then shoot looks of shock, horror and surprise at each other and wish the next six days away.

I wrote this thing about how I probably ran over someone's Christmas presents.

"The Living Room" episode of Love + Radio
This is a fine, fine piece of storytelling. A woman secretly watches her young neighbors live a very sexy life, until something changes. Then she watches that, too. So great.

"Making a Murderer"
Now THIS is "Serial."

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