Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Super into this week: Bathwater barfing and Girl podcasts ...

Chach, pre-Nutcracker. 
I like to get a jump start on my New Year's Ressies, and one of them is going to be writing more even if that writing is just making a weekly list of what I'm: SUPER INTO THAT WEEK. This feels necessary as I can no longer remember what year I was super into, for instance, the Shout Out Louds (and other great Swedish bands) and apparently I wasn't keeping track of STUFF I WAS INTO when I made this great Bean Sandwich Mousse and now I can't find the recipe.

Things that happened this past week:

1. Chuck's and Chuck's Fanny's annual Birthday Rally in Spirit Valley, in which, yesterday, I realized I'd gotten a phone number from a woman at the bar who just moved to town and has a 2-year-old and we were going to have a playdate. Eeps. It's all kind of a blur of bumbling with the karaoke microphone and hitting the Taco John's drive thru. This is all very strange, as I was drinking beer. It reminds me of a time I did The Worm at the bar and this girl I knew said "You did the worm on beer?"

2. Sum it up this way: Have you ever been so mad you barfed pizza in your bathwater?

3. Chach, Ma Pista and I went to "The Nutcracker." Right before the end of the first Act, Chach stands up and yells "Cock-a-Doodle-Dooooo!" and the turns around and smiles. We made it midway through Act 2.

3. An orthopedic surgeon told me about all the innards of my shoulder that are torn and I decided to rehab instead of having surgery because I have a flailing toddler and can't be handicapped by a sling at this point in my existence. 

4. Chuck and I drank absinthe (and nothing happened.)

So, here's what I'm super into this week:

Slate's "Double X Gabfest" Podcast
Simply enough: I like how these women talk. Hanna Rosen, Noreen Malone and June Thomas, an in-the-news podcast. I like the word choices, timbre, and sentence structures, the ideas and the questions they ask. It's Women Yes, topic-wise, but not exclusively. Recently: "Carol," suicide clusters in Palo Alto, a somewhat personal essay by Katy Waldman about anorexia, the curious case of Tashfeen Malik. Listening feels like having supersmart, inquisitive friends who arrange words well responding to the ongoing conversation in your own head.
Also: Each episode ends with endorsements ranging from books to Tiny Desk Concerts.  
(Full disclosure: I hate the word "gabfest.")

Annnnnd ... on the other side of the Three Women Talking About Stuff Coin there is this. If Double X Gabfest is like listening to NPR, this one is like shotgunning episodes of "Sex and the City." I hadn't heard of any of the women before I randomly downloaded the podcast in a Mad Podcast Download Binge that occurred when I upgraded my iPhone and got more storage. I guess they must be famous because they do things like go to work in their pajams and have someone else apply the pretty or have slumber parties with Lea Michele or take spin class one bike away from Ruby Rose. But, frankly, I'd listen to them even if they were only as famous as a trio of gals working the desk at my orthopedic surgeon's office. I don't even care that they interviewed "The Bachelorette." She seemed nice. They're funny and they make period jokes The only downer is that their between-segment audio sounds like car commercials and it hurts my ears.
The only other downer is the word "fempire," which could go on a list with "gabfest."

Here I come out of baby-induced review retirement to barf gobs of chortles and groans all over Minnesota Reads for the first time since that time in September when I got all hopped up on ultra-marathon running. We've got some novels, some memoir, some collections ... and one official No Can Do.

Play it As it Lays by Joan Didion
I thought I had read this, but I had not. And now, finally, I can in good conscience claim to be the fan of Joan Didion that I've always said I was.

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