Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A few things that came up in a loud conversation with a stranger in a quiet place ...

1. Whether I plan to have any more kids.
2. How her sister had a baby when she was in her mid-40s.
3. Did I set out to have just Chacha or had I always wanted more kids or did I even want kids at all.
4. Where our house is located.
5. But where on that street.
6. How close are we to [our next door neighbor.]
7. Look at her foot.
8. It's probably a spider bite.
9. She's going in.
10. It's not a tick, ticks leave behind body parts.
11. She shouldn't have worn sandals in the yard.
12. She just had surgery on her rectum.
13. Do I know what it's like to poop out of something that's like this. (Indicates small exit using her fingers.)
14. If she scoots forward like this on the toilet, she can go.
15. Whether Chacha has eaten dinner yet.
16. Do I rummage sale.
17. Why don't I rummage sale.
18. She's gotten great stuff at rummage sales.
19. I should rummage sale.

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