Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cat blogging ...

1. Walked to the bathroom, pushed the door open and this, like, nine pound *thing* fell literally on my head claws first. Hal. He had been practicing his high-wire act and in my hurry to void my Morning Water, I shook him loose. On my head. First thing in the morning.

2. Had a dream last night that I had to dry shave the winter hair from my armpits. It was impossible. Some swipes were super satisfying. Some simply pushed the hair to a horizontal position and I'd have to come at it from another angle. Regardless, it all burned.

3. Within the same dream, I was cast in the role of Anna for a community theater production of "Frozen." I felt ok-ish about everything, despite not rehearsing, and just kind of assumed that when the show started I'd notice my cues and the right words would fall out.

Then I just trusted that whoever cast me must have believed I could do it. But I really did wonder if I knew all the words.

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