Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Deconstructionist ...

A few nights ago Chuck made this Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake I found on the Big P and it showed all the promise of being something that the whole family would enjoy. Us, we're easy. But The Girl is has a core of about four for-sure foods -- and this included two of them with corn and cheese -- and everything else gets a snap opinion that is unrelated to any opinion she has ever had about the food in the past. Some days she loves black beans; Some days she squishes them like Dung Beetles, smiles sweetly and says "All Done!" while performing an adaptation of sign language that looks more like she's checking for rain.

So she wouldn't eat it.
We said the words "But this is cheese" so many times that they stopped making sense as Words Spoken in English.
Anyway, we let it go and ate our food and finally, after a while, I picked up her fork and poked up some food.

"Look. Here is a load with two beans, a clump of cheese and some corn."
She opened her mouth and ate it.
"Okay, now here's one with one bean, two pieces of corn, some cheese and an orange pepper."
She opened her mouth and ate it.

It got to the point where I felt that I was playing the role of a waiter in a four star restaurant describing the courses. She had taken to resting her head in her hand and watching me intently as I listed ingredients.

Like this:

And then it got weirder. She started adding "Mm-Hmms" after each ingredient and "Mms" after the bites.
Me: "So there are two piece of corn ..."
Her: Mm-hmm
Me: "... some cheese ..."
Her: Mm-hmmmmmm
Me: "And a whole mess of quinoa."
Her: (Opens mouth) Mmmmmmmm.

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