Sunday, December 21, 2014

Roger ...

We also took The Girl to see Santa. This is how she looked at this exact moment.
Literally 30 seconds later she was eating a cookie and laughing at the video of the failed encounter. 
Lately The Girl has been talking a lot about Roger. Who's Roger? Good Q. According to her, he falls right into a line of the VIPs in her life, which includes (in no specific order): Mama, Dada, Elmo, Papa, Norwegian Wonder and her two daughters, Grover and our cat Hal. She starts chanting these names the second she wakes up -- I hear her on the monitor, whimpering herself awake and immediately saying "Elmo" -- and it continues to do it throughout the day. It's like she's memorizing family flashcards for a big test.

As for herself, she throws her hands into the air and refers to herself as Cha-Cha! (Her exclamation points, not mine.)

So this Roger thing has been really weird. We don't know anyone named Roger, but she keeps talking about him. I texted the Norwegian Wonder this morning to see if maybe he was one of their friends. She doesn't know a Roger, either.

This could also be some sort of word bastardization. She's big on that. Smoothies are "Muddahs!" (again, her punctuation) and "Aduh-Aduh-Aduh" means "again." Horses are "EEEEs" and cats are "SSSSS."

Chuck showed her a Christmas card from The Great Archivist and Geo Girl. She pointed at the picture of the former, decked out in a fur hat, and said "Roger."

"I just hope we don't find out Roger was Margaret's husband," Chuck said, referring to the original owners of our house -- a couple who bought the place in 1923.

I'd had the same thought. I'm glad I'm not the only one in the family whose first instinct is the supernatural answer.

It's got to be a weird pronunciation, we decided.
"Is it someone fringe on Sesame Street?" I asked.
"Say Christopher," I said to The Girl.
Her response didn't sound like Roger.
"Say Oscar," Chuck prompted.
"Ocar," she said.

Chuck found a cast list for "Sesame Street" and quickly scanned it.
"Say Cookie Monster," Chuck said.

She looked up at us and cheered:


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