Friday, October 24, 2014

The most boring story in modern history (now with free shipping) ...

I am super loyal to a specific multi-surface disinfectant spray. I like how it works; I like how it smells. Target has stopped carrying it. They carry the brand, but not the kind I like. Our neighborhood grocery store carries it, but the bottles on the shelf are dusty and the labels still make claims about this stuff knocking out H1N1. I don't really sit around and worry about the expiration date on multi-surface disinfectant spray, but truthfully I haven't been to that grocery store in eons.

Amazon carries it. But if you want to purchase it on Amazon, it's part of this service where you get a flat shipping rate and you can put as much kitchen junk in the box as you want. I could order like 30 bottles of this very specific multi-surface disinfectant spray, but I understand this flat-rate box is duping me into buying more. That makes me annoyed.

I was in the car yesterday when I heard on MPR that Target is offering free shipping during the holidays to compete with Amazon. Everything is free shipping, even just a tube of lipstick, it was noted in the story. Starting yesterday. Friends, I am not kidding that my pulse quickened.

I could order my multi-surface disinfectant spray from Target online -- where it is still in stock -- and have it delivered to my house for free. YOU JUST BEAT AMAZON IN THE FIRST BATTLE, TARGET. I went home and ordered three bottles (the limit) ... (and a package of long-sleeved white onesies).  

After I'd completed my order I thought of all the other things I could have bought:

This awesome pumpkin yogurt I stumbled on last week.
Magic Erasers.
Black leggings.

Of course, the rub is that I actually enjoy going to Target. It will be interesting to see which me wins out as we move toward the holidays: The me who enjoys ordering all the creature comforts of Target from my pajamas and being granted the honor of free shipping or the me who lazes her way through the aisles on a Saturday afternoon.

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Jodi said...

This might be the most boring story in modern history, but I laughed out loud. Twice. Also, I have a box from Target sitting on my couch right now as I type. The pajamas me wins every damn time.