Sunday, August 17, 2014

Super into this week (the Salsa Lisa edition) ...

The thing about spending a weekend in a "Real World: Stillwater" house with almost a dozen other women -- which is old news now but whatever -- is that you always walk away with something new to be super into. Even if it's just Salsa Lisa. I dipped a white cheddar cheese curd into the container and my synapse sizzled.

Woman 1: You've never heard of Salsa Lisa?
Woman 2: Salsa Lisa is the best!
Woman 3: Oh! I love Salsa Lisa!

(This is an approximation and not verbatim dialogue)

The word Salsa Lisa said so many times, so enthusiastically, that it was starting to sound like a vacation villa housing the most powerful thumbs in all the Land of Masseuse-ery.

We've gone through two containers this week.

I've also been Super Into the boozy mixes Chuck has mixed together lately like some sort of science whiz: We had a Sidecar with an old skool cheese ball; a French 75, a champagne drink, with brie; Lemon Drop Martinis with trail mix and an Easy Tiger with Salsa Lisa Salsa Lisa Salsa Lisa.

TV-wise, I have a lot of really positive things to say about Season 3 of "Girls."

Also: We just finished watching the web series "High Maintenance" on Vimeo and I've missed it every single day since we've been done with it. It's these quick-hit like 5 minute episodes that are a little Portandia-ish, in terms of funny.

Movie-wise, I have some questions about the spanking scene in "Dead Poet's Society." Mainly this: What if spanking was a legit form of disciplinary action in the real world? What if People in Charge of Things compared Paddles from Sharper Image. What if we were all:

"Whoa, did you hear about A?"
"I didn't, but I could tell something was up from his limp."

I read "An Untamed State" by Roxane Gay and didn't close my mouth for entire chapters. It's unbelievable. Probably not a beach read? My review will be on Minnesota Reads. Suffice to say: Amazing, but brutal.

I also read "Seconds" by Bryan Lee O'Malley and while it wasn't Scott Pilgrim, it reminded me enough of Scott Pilgrim to keep me pretty charmed. Review here. 

Joanna Rakoff's memoir "My Salinger Year" is a pretty cool slice out of the mid-1990s at a lit agency that reps the elusive JD. Review here.

Megan Abbott can do way better than "The Fever," a weird YA story that uses real life for inspiration: A bunch of high school girls start frothing at the mouth. Why? Review here.

Ultimately, Emily Gould's novel "Friendship" isn't going to linger long in my melon, but I enjoyed it for the duration of the read. Selfish bests in NYC. Life changes when one gets preg. Review here.

I was really not into "Adam" by Ariel Schrag, whose graphic novels I really like. The main character is really unlikable, the central situation -- a high school age boy goes to live with his sister for the summer and finds himself running with a GLBTQ crowd and just goes along with it when his love interest mistakenly believes he is transitioning from female -- seems like too much "Three's Company" to balance an entire novel on. Plus, it's hard to tell whether Schrag is writing satire? Review.

Now I'm reading "The Shining Girls" by Lauren Beukes and I'm really digging it but I have the new Murakami  staring me in the face and saying "READ ME INSTEAD WHO CARES ABOUT TIME TRAVELING SERIAL KILLERS."

Jenny Lewis's "Just One of the Guys" is one of my favorite-favorite songs off of one of my favorite-favorite albums so far this year.

I only ever stop listening to Jenny Lewis to listen to Bleachers.


Since there is no reason to link to Amazon anymore, I'm scrapping my dinosaur of a series Weakly Reviewed in favor of Super Into This Week. 


feisty said...

i can't speak for salsa lisa, but for Jenny....I'm hugely crushing on this new album too! between her and the new Spoon, i'm set for awhile.

Christa said...

Oh! I forgot about Spoon!