Saturday, July 19, 2014

Samples ...

I love free grocery store samples. I will always, always get in line for a toothpick-full of what's cooking. 

Chuck thinks this is disgusting. He can't even watch me pinch a donut hole from a perma-sample at this swank shop across town. I made for the bowl the other day; He damn-near doubled over with a gag and veered away from the bakery toward dairy. 

Today I cut through the deli and saw a bowl of cheese. I've had this one before. It's a sharp white and flakey. 

I grabbed a toothpick and skewered a small piece for the girl. Then I skewered one for me. 

I went to toss the toothpick and realized I'd been using one from the dirty toothpick container. 

That cheese just sat all gross in my mouth as I considered what that toothpick might have gone through. 

Best case: it was used to poke at cheese, which was then lifted from the toothpick with freshly sanitized fingers and put into mouth. 

Pretty bad case: the toothpick was briefly hugged by a stranger's dry lips. 

Dry heaving here: the toothpick delivered cheese to a stranger's mouth, but was then used to liberate chunks of BBQ chicken from his teeth. 

Kill me now: Stranger eats the cheese but then uses the toothpick to clean beneath his fingernails AFTER using a high traffic Porta Potty on a hot day. 

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