Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Super into this week ...

This past week we had Whiskey Sours for Cocktail Saturday. This includes a raw egg white shaken to a smooth foam. Think Rocky, if Rocky was a great marathoner of streaming TV shows.

I'm cultivating a short list of great drinks I can order if I ever again find myself in a bar. My nĂºmero uno remains the Harvey Wallbanger. I cannot STFU about Harvey Wallbangers. There is something magical about Galliano. I'm going to start asking for a bottle of it for every gift-giving holiday. 

Speaking of marathons: "Orange is the New Black," obvi. Two episodes in, it feels less organic than the first season. More try-too-hardy. Still, I'll watch. 

This week I've been super into Haley Bonar's new album "Last War," which I want to rename "Songs for Roller Skating To." This is my favorite album of 2014 so far. Srsly. Here's a song.

I read "The Vacationers" by Emma Straub and though I've not yet written a review, my prevailing theme will be that you can tell she was smiling when she wrote it. It's good fun, but not without it's cheesy moments. Fun wins. 

Here is where I cheated and reviewed a handful of books I hadn't yet reviewed. Go there if you care about graphic novel love stories where someone dies, hikers imprisoned in Iran, people who like Bob Dylan, people who went to school with Bon Iver or Neil Gaiman-esque magical realism. Or go there for a definition of a term I invented: Owl Panic.

Here are some things to read on the internet:

Writer Darcey Steinke revisits a day spent with Kurt Cobain, 20 years later.

A cartoonist wanders around NYC drawing his favorite bookstores and, in the meantime, getting little anecdotes about the joints.

Reading about Tavi Gevinson makes me happy that she's making the world a great place for girls and sad that I didn't have a platform when I was 12. Or 18. Or now, really. But also a little glad about that whole no platform thing.

And, of course, a cute picture of my baby. (Photo by Chuck)

Since there is no reason to link to Amazon anymore, I'm scrapping my dinosaur of a series Weakly Reviewed in favor of Super Into This Week. 

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