Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jack ...

Selfies by CHRISSIE!
I don't remember the circumstances the first time I did it. I just looked up from our Wasabi Shumai and it seemed like something weird had happened and I realized I'd said the word "shit" in front of two kids -- Lu, 7, and O, 9 -- and my own 10.5 month old.

"Oh," I said, barely remembering, the word a dot in the rear view mirror. 

The next time I said it, the PBG was about to whip a soy sauce dish like a Frisbee

"As long as you do it infrequently and no adults hear you, it's probably ok," Chrissie! tells O. 

He tells us that he sometimes says "the J word" quietly about his teacher. 

"There is no such thing as The J Word," I tell him. 

"Jack ..." He says. 
"I'm not familiar," I say. 
Finally he mouths "Jackass."

"Oh! I'm going to whisper a swear word in your ear," Lu says to Chrissie!

"I'm am adult," Chrissie! says, but leans in and Lu cups her mouth at her ear. 

And then I said it again, in reference to our daughter's recent hunger strike -- yet her willingness to set it aside for a spoonful of whipped cream. 

"Great. Now all she'll eat is shit," I say. 

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