Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vacation Day 5: 6 Little Chompers ...

Unacceptible. On the fifth day of vacation the Morning Lark stood in her crib chirping full sentences AN HOUR EARLIER THAN NORMAL.

Somehow I coaxed her into a few more Zs in our bed. This is usually impossible. She's someone who might say, when she's older, something like "Up 'n At Em!" "Daylights A Wasting!" or something equally Energetic and Bullshitty and Awful to Encounter in Morning Hours. 

That extra 23 minutes gave me just enough time to work out the cobwebs, so I was totes ready for the morning choreography:

Change diaper
Dress child in seasonally appropriate attire
Brush her 6 little chompers
Set her in her exersaucer (AKA "The Poop Chair")
Make coffee/drink coffee/make more/drink more
Hand the reins to Chuck whose first duty is always, literally, a dooty. 

There were times in my old life when I wouldn't know if I was going somewhere for sure until I walked in the door. Maybe not even then. But I can tell you right now that 10 hours from now I'll be wrestling a 10-month-old into an ironic onesie with the help of a stuffed toy distraction device we call Diaper Dog. So things change, huh?

We had some errands to run and as we walked out the front door and gasped: 

"It's like 9:30 a.m.!" I said. 
We cackled in disbelief. 

We hit Target. We made tracks to Home Depot. We kicked up dirt en route to the garden center.

Hanging with the PBG dangling from a Baby Bjorn is like running with a celebrity entourage. She waves. She points. She'd high-five, if you tried. Her "Hello" is a laugh, but backward. She sucks in air instead of blowing it out. It's weird and chokey and it charms 9 out of 10 recipients. 

We ate lunch in Cloquet, then gave the girl a taste test: birthday cake ice cream or chocolate? She sided with me. 

We took a family walk to the grocery store, and Chuck did an impression of the PBG with a speech impediment looming over the bed and watching us sleep. We'd wake, for instance, to her saying:

"YOU CAN JUST KEEP SLEEPING," he said in his creepy baby voice. 

I collapsed on the sidewalk. 

Dinner included asparagus. The beer was a pale ale. We cashed out "Mad Men."

I woke at 4 am to the girl watching us from her bed. 

"You can just keep sleeping," I thought. "YOU CAN JUST KEEP SLEEPING."

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tamg said...

Oh, you got a morning baby! You are a lucky, lucky mom. Just wait a few years until she toddles in and pats your face, saying: "It's morning time! The sun is awake! Time to wake up!"