Saturday, April 26, 2014

I guess the biggest thing to happen yesterday was ...

For whatever reason, I don't have Chuck's car keys on my chain. I dig in my purse, find them, attach them, all while coming up with hypothetical reasons they were separated from the rest. 

"For the 5k?" Chuck asks. 

No. It was a while ago. I can't remember. 

This is a big production, reattaching them. I'm taking his car to work. Mine has the car seat and he and the PBG are going to go to the store in the afternoon and blah blah boring domestic stuff involving dire straights in the coffee department. So this is what we're talking about, thematically -- me, his car, vroom-vroom -- as I'm leaving the house. 

So, keys in hand, I get into the car and drive to work. I take a left up the final avenue of my destination and get confused. 

This isn't Chuck's car. 
Is it?
No. This is MY car. 
I think. 
Yes. Definitely my car. 

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