Monday, February 3, 2014

In the drink ...

Lunch was a 6-inch ham and turkey on jalapeño cheese bread, the daily special. I added cheddar, lettuce, spinach, green peppers onions and banana peppers. A thick line of Sriracha, of course. 

I was the only one in line, so I got it toasted. 

I ate a table while reading the internet. Toast makes for more crumbs, so of course I was lousy with crumbs. 

Then I pumped. 

Twenty minutes later I removed the pump cones and pump bags and a large pinky nail sized bread crumb fell from my bra into the fresh milk. 

These new boobs are traps. My cleavage is like a funnel for Baked Lays, bread crumbs and, oddly, sweat. 

Still. What to do with the milk? Dump the tainted loot? Sieve it? Serve it as is? 

C-cup problems, huh.  

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