Sunday, December 1, 2013

Things to watch while convalescing ...

Before I had hernia surgery -- before I knew I was about to have hernia surgery -- I got this fortune from an super disgusting meal I ate in the mall food court:

So I had a vacation and it wasn't necessarily enjoyable. In fact: I'd maybe prefer to give birth to a child lodged sideways than have another hernia. I'd say this is the most uncomfortable recovery process I've encountered in all of my years of having a body. It probably wouldn't be as bad if I didn't naturally try to rest my child upon the exact hernia spot and if I wasn't accessorizing with a car seat that weighs more than I'm supposed to be carrying right now. But I'm walking upright again, so there is that.

Anyway. Here's what we consumed while I sat on the couch not changing diapers or carrying laundry baskets:

"Malcolm in the Middle": This is an on-going feature at our house, the go-to show when there is nothing else on deck. This might be the funniest that TV has offered.

"Frances Ha": I wanted to see this hipster bait so bad, but I kind of feel like I didn't watch it closely enough to like-like it. Young New Yorker hops from apartment to apartment take-take taking and alienating herself from her friends while not being a very good dancer at all.

"MasterChef Junior" This was not as awesome as when we got addicted to the reality show "Kid Nation," but it was good enough to marathon the entire season in a single sitting.

"Top of the Lake": This is a super good, super bleak series and is set in possibly the most hostile town ever imagined. Pregnant 12-year-old disappears in a women-hating community and Peggy from "Mad Men" tries to figure out what the.

"License to Drive": What a pleasure to, for once, say "I wonder if that's streaming on Netflix" and have the answer be "Yes."

Also: Corey Haim constantly makes this face:

"Somm": A bunch of dudes study to take the Master Sommelier exam, which is notoriously tricky and very few people pass. The doc follows the eclectic mix of friends as they prep. Totally fun. It'll give you a reason to describe something as tasting like "fresh cut hose."

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