Saturday, December 7, 2013

Inspired by: "Last Christmas" by Wham ...

Before the broach, before they adjourned to the mountain retreat, there was George Michael squinting into a mirror at the salon.

"I want it to look like the hood on a posh woman's fur coat," he says. He makes the universal sign for a blooming mane. His hands unfold around his face. 

She's skeptical. Hip pitched. She studies his head in the mirror and absentmindedly chews on the teeth of the black pick. 

"You'll have to condition it," she says finally. She has a warning tone. 

He clasps his hands in front of him. Beams. 

"I promise to condition," he pledges with a schoolboy cadence. 

"And blow dry," she says. She points the pick at his reflection. "You'll have to start blow drying your hair."

He leans back, his brows fold in. 

"What kind of animal doesn't blow dry his hair?"


The "Inspired by" series is, well, it's fan fiction, okay? Whatever. 

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