Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Something new ...

Not to be all: There is this new website on the internet called The FacePlace and people go there to connect, you know: Share photographs of particularly attractive burritos and complain about politics/celebrities/people complaining about politics and celebrities/Mondays. 

But I kinda am.

I set up a Blah Blah Blahler page for reasons that are still mysterious to me now. Especially after inviting a bunch of people to like it, getting some likes, and then realizing: Oh. So now my mom has probably read the words Blue and Balls, linked, on my website, which is way different than being in the same room as her when they say it on "Two and a Half Men" -- a show I can't figure out if they like or loathe or loathingly like.

Then there was the guy who speculated that he'd been duped into liking a Mommy Blog, which totally isn't true. I also write about Melrose Place.

So if you want to *Like* me, do so here. You'll be the first to know when a new post hits the webs!

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