Friday, August 30, 2013

If you love something (times infinity) ...

Apparently my super fascinating 19-year-old cousin broke up with her boyfriend because there was a tell-tale "If you love something, set it free ..." Facebook status. 

I snorted when I read it because I've been 19 and I know that it's a nice thought that probably sells some mugs, but that a more accurate saying would be something like: "Blah blah ... until he sleeps with some other girl next week and you feel a rage so strong and so hot you could boil eggs in it and then maybe you'll get back together but secretly hate each other." 

That one is not huge in the gift shop circuit. 

Still, I thought of that saying when we got home from a walk and I was short my new infinity scarf. "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you ..." I said in my head as I drove our route backward. 

And there it was. Near the haunted house we briefly considered buying until we realized all the key components that make up a bathroom or kitchen had been looted and, well, even our realtor agreed it was haunted. 

This is all just to say: I got my scarf back, so what do I know about 19-year-old boys. 

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