Monday, May 6, 2013

Touchy luck ...

I always consider myself a lucky person. This is, admittedly, based on suspect evidence such as: I always get a great parking spot outside of Barnes & Noble. Chuck thinks it's all a bunch of hooey. If I was truly lucky, a bird wouldn't have crapped on my arm that one time in Brooklyn. That the appearance of a man with a hose less than a block later doesn't counter the fact that I was shit upon in the first place.

A few days ago I had a small victory when he admitted that he didn't believe in luck, but that if anyone was lucky, it was me.

Which brings us to today:

I cobbled together $1.00 worth of coins so I could buy a package of almonds from a vending machine. This took some effort, as I didn't want to use precious quarters. I wanted to exorcise the dimes and nickels from my life. I walked to a nearby vending machine bank and noticed that the price was actually $1.25.

Total bullshit. I'd have to walk back and sift through more loose change at the bottom of my purse.

What if, I thought. I wasn't about to get on my hands and knees and look for shiny circles beneath the vending machines. Getting from the floor to an upright position is a grueling grunt-filled process. But I would check the coin returns on the other machines. Sure enough, in the coffee machine, there was an unclaimed quarter.

Que Suerte! I thought. What luck!

I couldn't contain my grin. I willed someone, anyone, to come along so I could tell the story of this great moment in my personal luck history. Truly, it was like I conjured the quarter. It as unreal. I plugged the coins into the machine, pushed D6 and ...

The almonds got stuck. Half in, half out. I threw a hip check at the machine but knew I was defeated. I shook my head and gave the fates a "you got me good" smirk.

For the record, this doesn't blemish my string of luck. It was a simple reminder to calm down with the victory dance.

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