Thursday, April 18, 2013

I tumble for you ...

I just now finished making red thai tofu for dinner and cleaning the kitchen just as I heard Chuck drive up after work. I started the dishwasher when his door slammed. I sat down at the computer and was typing when he walked in. I felt like a very successful 1950s housewife, something I've never aspired to be, but just this once, hey. She makes it look so effortless, he must have thought.

Anyway, here is what I made, watched read, whatever.


Lemon Cheesecake Bites: Needed to bring dessert to a bridal shower. Guest of honor isn't into dessert. Decided to learn to make cake pops and bring cake pops. Watched video of cake pop-making and thought it looked easy enough, but required a certain level of art-n-craftery that is beyond me. Wondered about mini cheese cakes. Considered a lemon kick. Eschewed a crust in favor of a 'Nilla Wafer each.

They turned out unattractive, so I had the flower girl give them a decorative squirt of Whipped Cream. All told, they were okay. Not the sort of recipe I'll now be known for or anything.


Grilled Salmon from Restaurant 301: This was so good that I almost decided to eat there every single night. Also: The salad had snap peas, which tasted like licking a summer day.

Do not eat.
The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey (2012): I know nothing about Hobbits except their hilariously thick feet, but this movie was fantastic and super exciting and then it just suddenly ended and I wasn't expecting it so we did some reading and learned that it's part of a SERIES of movies. Why is everything part of a SERIES of movies.

Stoker: This is the best movie I've seen in 2013. For realsies. Creepy, or maybe not, girl's dad dies on her birthday and her shiny-fanged uncle comes to stay at what must be a mildew-infested castle. Her mom, Nicole Kidman, likes to get all oozy goozy about Mr. Convertible and then people start going missing and holy hell this movie is great.

This Must be the Place: Sean Penn plays an aged rocker -- maybe channeling Robert Smith, eh? -- and lives as an eccentric blah blah blah in Ireland. When his father dies, he takes on pop's life mission and what a strange and meandering movie that is actually pretty good.

Compliance: This is the worst most rage-inducing movie ever and I guess based one some real junk. The idea: dirty prank caller calls fast food joint and claims to be 50. He accuses a cute young thang of stealing from a customer and takes the manager through an increasingly suspicious obstacle course of ways to help out the local PD. It starts with strip searches and ends with a hummer and the whole time you're screaming at the screen, AW, C'MON!

Ken Burns: The Central Park Five: PBS played the new Ken Burns' doc this past weekend and whoa. You'll rage, you'll cry. About five teens accused of raping a woman in Central Park in the late 1980s. They were innocent and coaxed into confessing and thrown into lock up only to find out, years later, that they weren't guilty. Blerg.

Clara and Mr. Tiffany: A Novel by Susan Vreeland: It's the early 1900s and a feisty young woman has taken a job working for the other Mr. Tiffany. The one who favors stained glass creations over jewelry and who lets money drizzle through his fingers. Lots of early NYC scenes and crusading women, both good. Also lots of very descriptive parts about creating stained-glass lamps and windows and mosaics and it gets a little dry.

Full review will be here.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1) by JK Rowling: Okay, fine. I'll read Harry Potter. It will make my dreams even more interesting than they already are. WHICH SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE.

Full review will be here.

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgeraldby Therese Ann Fowler: This portrait of Zelda Fitzgerald paints her as an artist who was unable to ever reach her potential artistically because of that old fuddy dud F Scott (as opposed to the version of the couple that has F Scott stunted by his crazy wife.

This was okay. Full review is here.

I'm going to start doing double duty with things I put on the internet by dishing content over to Tumblr since Google Reader is going kaput. Links to blog posts from right here, book reviews for Minnesota Reads, Instagram photos, Tweets, etc. I'm here. So if you're a Tumblr person, let's be Tumblrs together. If you're not, proceed as though this never happened. All blogging will still occur in this space. (At least, this is the plan. But I cannot be held responsible for having not a lick of follow through).

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