Monday, February 25, 2013

Strawberry cheese ...

Here's what I made, read, took photos of this week!


Palak Paneer Pizza: I stared at the photo that accompanied this recipe for an uncomfortably long time. This fusion food mixes marinated tofu, a palak-flavored pizza sauce and pops it onto a crust. Recipe originator uses wheat pita, I used pizza crust. It's so, so, so dang good. It's not hard, but does require a bit of planning to marinate the tofu cubes.

I'm also kind of thrilled that now I have a palak recipe in my pocket.

JCrew: "I never knew what you smelled like before because you were a smoker."
Me: "So what do I smell like?"
JCrew: "Strawberry cheese."


The Fun Parts: Stories by Sam Lipsyte: Lipsyte always tosses me into the crevice between "Too clever, no mas!" and "HAHAHAHA!" With his recent short story collection I've decided that he might be best enjoyed in small doses. That said, I like the unpredictable way his mind works, the way he writes and the grim characters he makes human. Plus he's very funny.

Full review is here.

The Buddha in the Attic
 by Julie Otsuka: It's the early 1900s and a bunch of young women from Japan are traveling to San Francisco by boat to meet up with the husbands they've been hooked up with via matchmaker. Except these aren't the dudes from the photographs and life isn't what they expect.

This story is told from a we perspective and covers the first night, the lifestyles, the children and the way they are herded away to internment camps. It's short. It's powerful. It's not at all a conventional novel.

Full review will be here.

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