Monday, January 21, 2013

Cashew. Bless you ...

Don't mind me. Just spending the morning waiting for the Roto Rooter guy to return my phone calls. It seems we're under shit siege again.

While we're here and it's inauguration day, I thought I'd redirect you to the fan fiction I wrote on the day of the last inauguration. It's really something I'm proud of.

In other news: Here's what I've been making, watching and reading. And happy shit stew to you, too.


Lasagna with Lemon-Basil and Cashew Cheese: It will amaze and confuse you, how delicious lemon-basil and cashew cheese tastes. This taste gives vegan eating a good name. Anyway, just a pretty simple lasagna alternative that is really, really good.

Homeland: The Complete First Season We really cranked through Episodes 1-13 of Claire Danes' cry-face. This show about Homeland Security's attempts to thwart a terrorist attack is totally gripping.

To Rome With Love: In my fan-fiction of the making of this movie, Woody Allen dug deep into his scrap paper heaps -- true story, I've seen the doc -- and pulled forth a handful of mini plots and thought "How many movies can I possible have left to make? I better turn all of these into mini movies with a common theme of Rome." I love Woody Allen, but I only really loved half of the storylines. BTW: You should see Ellen Page's Woody Allen impersonation. It's adorable.

Mulholland Dr.: This movie has changed a lot since the first and second time I saw it. I've only ever remembered the Naomi Watts parts and have completely forgotten all the other pieces of it. This is exactly what I wanted to be watching at 10 p.m. Friday night.

Meghan Daum has been one of my favorite writers since the late 1990s when she published an essay in the New Yorker about living in New York and her mounting debt and her freelance life that was so honest, funny, admirable, terrible and I wanted to write in her voice. So imagine my delight to find an essay on a Sunday morning by Meghan Daum about Hannah Horvath and Elizabeth Wurtzel.

Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne: A global weather disaster, a bunch of teens and kids end up locked in a super store to ride out the deadly hail and the air poisoning that leads some blood types to try to eat the faces of their besties. It's not the most clever YA disaster story I've read, but parts are deese. I just wish every YA writer didn't think that they have to turn everything into a series. I have no intention of reading Book 2 (which probably means I'll read Book 2).

Full review here.

Swimming Home: A Novel by Deborah Levy: I totally adored this shorty about a summer holiday at a French villa that is altered by an attractive and naked, albeit unstable, botanist slash poet floating in the pool. The story floats from episode to episode and includes the voices of a handful of clever characters. Meanwhile, everything is spiraling and its obvious something terrible is going to happen.

Full review will be here.

Peanut: A girl starts up at a new school with a new identity: The girl with the deadly peanut allergy. This is interesting for awhile, but it's hard to maintain the facade in this quickie comic book. It's okay.

Full review will be here.

Jujitsu Rabbi and the Godless Blonde: A True Story by Rebecca Dana: I liked this memoir about a year in the life of a woman who spent a year living in Crown Heights exploring her religious -- or lack thereof -- background. Unfortunately, good writing, good thinking and a good eye are both dulled by regular Carrie Bradshaw references. Blerg.

Full review will be here.

The Boy: A Novelby Lara Santoro: A hot mess 40-something falls for a the smooth seductions of a 20 year old in this spiraling-out-of-control shorty of a novel. This is a delicious little book, best read in a single sitting. Beware: Your main character is wretched.

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