Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A lot of hundred people ...

Remember that time I stood in front of a hundred people and live-band karaoke'd the song "Folsom Prison"? And my mom got mad because I didn't win and she booed the judges?

I'm doing something like that again. Except I'll be dancing with a professional dancer and wearing a costume and probably more lipstick than the sum total of all the lipstick I've worn in my life. And in front of more like a lot hundred people.

This is 100 percent a four-year dream come true. Bonus: First rehearsal today -- awesome song, a cool vision -- and the choreographer didn't ix-nay my robot move.

Anyway. Here is what I've made, watched and read the past week.


Fake Chicken Curry: Chuck laid down a challenge by telling me that he planned to ad-lib a fake chicken curry recipe. He'd bought the fake chicken, two peppers, peas and a bunch of basil. Then dinner plans switched to a jalapeno bar pizza. So the next day I was faced with the ingredients, the dinner plan, and a horseshit way with things like "ad-libbing a fake chicken curry recipe." So I found this, added the peppers and fake chicken to it, and made it and it was good. Boom.


A few nights ago I had a dream that the actor Marlee Matlin and I were in a cafe and she was confessing some deep lusty feelings for me and I was seriously considering her offer because it was obvious that she really, really liked me and I felt it was the least I could do for someone so obviously and painfully smitten.

Looper: Time travel, assassins and all sorts of head-spinning suspense. This is pretty cool, y'all.

Take This Waltz: Oh holy night. Michelle Williams plays a one half of a twee couple who accidentally has a meet cute with a guy while on a business trip and when she returns to Canada, it turns out that he lives across the street. This causes all sorts of rifts in a relationship that wasn't really rift-ready. This movie is so fun to watch, but I cried like someone had steel toe booted me in the soul. Yikes.

Jeff who lives at home: I pretty much hated this movie until like the last third of it when you realize it isn't a failed comedy, it's actually supposed to be a sort of cute and sweet story so it's okay that the humor was half-assed.

Bad News: Book Two of the Patrick Melrose Novels by Edward St. Aubyn: The second book of the Patrick Melrose series is pretty much a dud, especially compared to the first one.

Now Patrick Melrose is in his 20s and has a drug problem and in this episode he has gone to NYC to pick up his father's ashes.

Full review will be here.

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