Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How we came to own an iPad (for no reason) ...

There is no reason to buy an iPad. We agree on this. We both have iPhones, which are just mini iPads you can talk into (though why would you). We both have laptops, which are like giant iPads with keyboards and antique CD drives. Sure there are apps of interest. And I could stream "Party of Five" from Amazon directly to the comfort of my bed using this sleek and sexy futuristic vehicle. We do not need an iPad. We both agree.

But should we get the iPad mini, the iPad 2 or the iPad with retina display? Definitely the iPad mini. Chuck compares the sizes of the mini and the regular sized iPads using books he's pulled from the shelf.  We should probably get the iPad mini since it's about $200 less and we don't even need an iPad.

Now that we don't need an iPad and have decided to acknowledge that with an iPad mini, I make for the mall. This is urgent. The iPad store is packed with people swiping, I assume, their nacho-stained fingers across pretty, high-def surfaces. I catch an employee's eye, through no fault of his, and quickly spit out "Doyouhaveanyipadminisleft?" And it seems like he would laugh if he hadn't laughed at 300 costumers before me who had asked the same question.

I realize this communication with an official has been a fluke, so I get in line. When I finally get to the front I ask for an iPad, any iPad, I don't care which one. We've just spent all day talking about iPads and now I have to go home with one or we'll both wilt in disappointment. Because even though we don't need an iPad, now we REALLY REALLY want one.

"We have six iPads with retina display left," he tells me and even though I'm at the front of this line I am looking around this store anxious that before I can give the nod, the guy next to me will spontaneously tack on six iPads to his bill for an iPhone.

"I WANT ONE OF THEM GIVE ME ONE!" I say hurriedly.

Then last night we laid in bed and watched episode one of season one of "Party of Five."

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