Sunday, September 2, 2012

Worth 16,000 words ...

Chrissie got us matching Ts so we can start our gang. "I'm getting really good with paint," she said. 

Here I am with Millsy! And that's Nels!

I believe that Chuck is recreating a photograph of CHRISSIE'S second-grader

Chuck looking adorbs

Showing off the front of the shirt

Old Knifey randomly dropped in. JCrew dribbles him a little

QT singing

Chuck's Fannie, me and Chuck

Chuck's Fannie perform's Mr. Roboto without looking at the lyrics

Chuck raps Gin & Juice

Knifey, me and Millsy

I think this is pretty accurate

Ladies I love

CHRISSIE! models JCrew's purse

Here I am with QT and the after bar

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