Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blah Blah Beverage Week: Yoo-Hoo

Chuck has been talking about Yoo-Hoo for eons. Specifically: How the lunchroom at work has vending fridge full of it, has for years, and no one ever touches the stuff. Yoo-Hoo became kind of an inside joke, a relic from the 1990s that still existed in this one time capsule.

Recently, out of nowhere, it enjoyed a brief popularity. The Yoo-Hoo was moving. People were drinking it. He did some research and found that it doesn't have an expiration date so no one was going to, like, die from it. Probably.

I started to get real Yoo-Hoo curious after that. I'd missed its heyday. Back then my preferred Snapple brand drinks were fruity, not chocolatey. I started looking for Yoo-Hoo everywhere: Gas stations, Walgreens, the grocery store and Target. I knew I could just have Chuck bring one home from work, but that would be cheating. Like buying a chicken wrapped in styrofoam and plastic instead of actually wrestling the thing to the ground and suffocating it with a pillow made from its own feathers.

Meanwhile, I was being taunted by the tube. We've been watching reruns of "Friends" while we eat dinner and, fun fact, Chandler is like a serious Yoo-Hoo connoisseur.

When I was least expecting it, there it was, Yoo-Hoo, looking like swamp water in a bottle of cartoon. I found it in the lobby of the grocery store in a Snapple vending machine and I responded out loud in a way that might have seemed disproportionate to onlookers.

"Yessssss," I said with a classic fist pump.

I didn't drink it, though. I waited. You spend so much time looking for something, you don't want to just cash the thing on the way home from the grocery store, wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and hurl the glass bottle at the neighbor's mailbox. You want to enjoy it. You want it to be your Blah Blah Beverage Week finale.

The verdict: It's way better than it looks, mostly because it looks thin and water-y. It tastes like old school Nestle, when you used to heap spoonfuls of the powder into a Papa Smurf glass and guzzle it during an episode of "Three's Company." The after taste has just a hint of plastic to it, but its tolerable. I'm now on the hint for its elusive sister drink: Strawberry Yoo-Hoo.

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Sproactually said...

2 nice things about yoo hoo, the first being unlike chocolate milk, it won't ummm... give me ummm... you know, gas.

The second, you can drink a cold one in like 3 seconds. Start to finish.

When you and Chuck make your triumphant return to NY, you can drink what they have here, and write about it.


I'll even buy.