Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blah Blah Beverage Week: Joia ...


Well. If this isn't just the sexiest of beverage packaging. Joia says to me: You are willing to hike down a trail, across the railroad tracks, tiptoe on stones across a stream and climb a garbage barrel to hop a fence so that you can look at graffiti -- but you're probably wearing expensive shoes with soles made from recycled tires when you do it. You're wearing a decorative scarf, but you're comfortable wiping your hands on it.

This carbonated beverage doesn't have the pow of, say, Jones Soda, but it's better than Izze Sparkling Juice.

One time I went through this non-drinking period, but I was still a regular at a dingy bar where it was perfectly for someone -- maybe even me -- to liberate her bladder in the doorway after last call. I was able to drink tonic water and cranberry juice with a lime and catch a contact buzz from the people gripping 16 ouncers at my table. Something about the drink had all the festive with none of the day after pangs of social shame. I bet a teetotaler could achieve the same thing with a highball of this. Though, the aftertaste is a little that-time-Uncle-Ned-drank-your-Jessica-Simpson-perfume-because-he-had-cashed-the-vanilla-extract-ish.

Verdict: I'd drink this again.

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