Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Burdening myself with extra movement ...

I think I've done a pretty accurate job of describing the events of the past week between the epicanthal folds, the pickles wrapped in meat and the exotic nail fashions of West Duluthians.  

So instead of talking, I'll direct you to Minnesota Reads. Jodi has given the site a super-sexy makeover. I'm not one to click on an actual website (how 2004) because I have a Google Reader and don't need to burden myself with the extra movement. But I love what she has done so much that I've started regularly dropping in to just look at it.  

Anyway, here is what I watched and read this past week. I still make food, but I tend to either just a) saute vegetables; b) roast vegetables or c) make hummus; d) eat pizza this summer. 

Tiny Furniture: I've been meaning to watch this since Lena Dunham became this thing. I liked this little pre-"Girls" movie. It totally fit my mood. Long story short: Film student moves into her mom's apartment in Tribeca after graduation. Her boyfriend dumped her for some sort of vision quest in Colorado and she's kind of lost and weird and meeting quirky characters for brief non-explosive moments. One is a YouTube famous dude who she settles into a version of domesticity with; the other is this literate hipster chef who abuses trite phrases. The whole film feels really real and raw and spontaneous in the way it captures super mundane moments. Our hero is kind of immature, kind of lazy and has shaky decision-making skills. She's kind of awful and hard to relate to, but she's also a little fascinating her her awful un-relate-ableness.

There are some really great lines in this thing.

The Lakeby Banana Yoshimoto: A girl becomes friends -- maybe more, it's hard to definte -- with the mysterious boy whose window faces her window. He's pretty hush-hush about his upbringing and why he finds comfort in sleeping with a wire oven rack. 

No matter how you describe this book, it sounds like it should be awesome. Really, it's just meh. But it left me curious about Banana Yoshimoto, so now I'm reading "Kitchen."

Full review is here.

Get Jiro!by Anthony Bourdain: How long have I been waiting for this combo: Anthony Bourdain/Graphic novel? Oh it is a total food snobby -- and otherwise snobby -- laugh riot. 

Full review will be here.

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers: New favorite sassy heroine: Mick Kelly, the not-a-girl, not-yet-a-woman who is one of the central characters in this really satisfying novel set in a small town in Georgia. 

Read it, then come back and let's talk about the devirginization of Mick Kelly.

Full review will be here.

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