Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two doors down ...

There is a teenager party going on at the house next door. Our houses are pretty close together, so it's almost like we were invited. I'm actually thrilled that this is going on. It is awesome to be 17 on a Wednesday night in the summer. I might be more than twice that old, but I definitely remember that.

Mostly they've just congregated in packs and bummed cigarettes from each other.

"I haven't been drunk in a month," one of the boys said. He couldn't get his smoke lit.

They aren't loud. They aren't playing music. There is just this constant low hum of conversation and frequent references to being drunk, getting drunk, and drinking. There were some dramatics a few minutes ago when one of the girls had whispered fury in the front yard.

"The guy I came here with is shitfaced and all over every girl here. Whatever. I'm walking home."

When Chuck left for work he said they all shushed each other when he walked from the backyard to the garage.

"They're real stealthy," he texted. "Like ninjas."

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