Monday, June 11, 2012

To-did List ...

1. Wet floor by the deck door. Mulch in the front flower bed. Two pots of daisies and a fern plant. On this particular Saturday morning, my inner Trixie Beldon is stumped. Chuck has been tending to the yard. But where is he now? And what is this water? (Now dotted with cat prints).

2. Chuck assembles a porch glider, seemingly the one thing standing between us and a full-fledged summer of leisure.

3. I begin a cleaning project I wish I'd done before Thursday, when we had a drop-in from one of those people who traipses across your piles of dirty underwear and sets his gear on top of unopened mail.

4. Distracted by the shitty state of our blinds. These are beyond two swipes with a duster. These need to be removed and probably burned. When the guy at Menards asks if he can help me find something I say: "Blinds I liked two years ago (that might have actually been at Home Depot)." I run into the guy who cuts my hair. He leaves me with this thought: "Have you ever seen the bugs that live in our eyes?" Four stops later, no blinds. A pretty strong visual of the sort of bug that would live in ones eye, though.

5. I'd grabbed clothes from the bedroom with plans to go inline skating, giggling at a I Heart NY T-shirt from the dawn of time that I'd pulled to wear on the trail. At Target a woman is wearing the same shirt. "Well, I never ..." I think, and wonder if I should get a new straightening iron.

6. I think "Call Me Maybe" is a fantastic summer jam.

7. So much reading.

8. Dinner at Hanabi. Wasabi Shumai honestly explodes in your mouth and sends wasabi vapors straight into your sinuses. It is the best feeling in the world. The North Shore Roll is covered in seaweed, like the grass in an Easter basket. Kesha is playing on the sound system.

9. A hokey horror movie from the 1970s based on a true story about murders on Lover's Lane in Texarkana in the 1940s. Editing-wise, a pretty resourceful 8 year old could make a movie better than this using a crappy cell phone and a flour sack. Fun to watch, though.

10. I've emerged as front runner in the "Best Popcorn Maker in the House" contest.

12. Yeah, this porch glider surrounded by ferns thing is going to make for a mint summer.

13. So much more reading. On the glider. On the porch. Hidden by ferns.

14. A seared Halloumi Sandwich from New Scenic, preceded by a bunch of greens with blue cheese walnut dressing and followed by goat cheesecake. Eff. Delicious stuff happening at that restaurant up the shore.

15. With a pillow, I'd consider sleeping on this porch glider. Someone walks down the street. I can't see them, I shift to look and then decide: "Know what? Who cares. Enjoy your alcove." 

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Mach1 said...

This weekend, I took apart my box fan, cleaned all the dust off and put it back together. This entailed use of a screwdriver. So, we were both sort of domestic/handy.