Thursday, June 14, 2012

Peco Train ...

Hey! Here's a week worth of stuff!


It's our little monkey-faced turkey gizzard watching Chuck assemble a porch glider.
Pinto Bean Tacos: I forgot to take a photo so you're going to have to close your eyes and really picture what soy chorizo, red onions, tomatoes and  pinto beans looks like when it's all mixed together and plopped into a corn tortilla and topped with queso fresco and hot sauce. We ate this, dug it, ate it again, dug it double. TACOS ARE SO GOOD!

First, a salad with blue cheese walnut dressing. 
Then a seared halloumi sandwich with capers and red peppers.
Then a goat cheese cheesecake with a ginger snap crust.

Sea Dawg: So what was Christa like when she was growing up?
Ma Pista: Well, when she was little she was afraid of her shadow. Then when she hit fifth grade she became a ... psychopath!

Blue Crush: I unapologetically adore this movie about a super-great surfer girl in Hawaii, the best of the best, who is trying to shake the head case-itis from a near-drowning three years before the movie starts. She gets invited to compete in this huge event and is training with her besties, but gets distracted for a few days by a hunky football player from Minnesota.

I love all the overcoming and triumph and girl montages and hokiness. On the other hand, if this movie is selling grrrl power -- which it seems to be in the moment our hero tells her beau "What do I want? I want a girl to be on the cover of Surfer magazine, any girl" or something -- she casts off her big plans pretty easily for this dude and she leans pretty heavy on pep talks from Minnesota when she does eventually double back to get at it. Although she does ultimately get her best encouragement from a big name surfing icon who is a woman.

Regardless: I've decided my summer costume is going to have a surf influence.

Brideshead Revisited: I totally did not watch this movie. I read the book and then rubbed it all over my stomach and purred and counted down the seconds until I could see what would happen when the story was presented as a moving picture. Then, when I finally got a copy of it, I was distracted by everything from lint to loose finger skin and every time I did deign to look at the screen I found myself sneering. Finally I just gave up.

Town That Dreaded Sundown : This is a horror movie told in an "Unsolved Mysteries"-style documentary way and it's a riot. A young couple is attacked while chilling at a makeout spot in Texarkana. A masked man rips the cars innards apart so they can't get away and then throttles them. They live, but the next couple doesn't. A curfew is imposed, people start boarding up windows and a hot shot cop is brought in to solve the crimes. There is a total Roscoe P. Coltrane (which I totally thought was "Rosce Pecotrain" until two minutes ago when Chuck heckled me straight. Whatever. WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO WATCH 'DUKES OF HAZZARD," OKAY?!) On top of that, it is filmed in such a dumb way. Still, I highly recommend it.

Chuck: "I think your fillings are constantly playing Radio Disney."

The Lifeboat: A Novel by Charlotte Rogan: Thirty-nine passengers from the sinking Empress Alexandra damn-near overwhelm the lifeboat they've secured so they can wait for a rescue boat. One of the ship's crew members takes charge, doles out duties and even manages to catch some fish while they're waiting and waiting and waiting. Then things get pretty grim and weird and it's all very awesome.

It's told from the perspective of Grace Winter, a newlywed, as a flashback while she's on trial for something TBA.

This is a pretty fun book. My full review will be here.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky: This young adult novel is told through letters written by Charlie during his first year of high school. He's quirky and earnest and finds some quirky seniors who dig him. This book is candy with a fun soundtrack.

Full review will be here.

Good Morning Midnight by Jean Rhys : The story centers on Sasha Jansen. If only she had a different hair color, a new hat, things would change for the superstitious, unlucky, and aging wanderer. A different hotel room. The cafe across the street rather than this one, where the proprietor knows her as a woman who cries after a certain amount of sips.

Full review will be here.

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