Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wedgie ...

Hey y'all! Here's what I made, ate in public, watch and read last week. Now with bonus highlights from my Draw Something matches!


Sundried Tomatoes and Garlic Couscous: This is nice and easy and light and summer-filled. Just make couscous. Just top it with some onions, garlic and sundried tomatoes (or probably anything else you want to top it with).

Don't make the mistake we made and chase it with one thick mass of Goddess Bar from Positively Third Street Bakery each. Split those bastards. Favorite things Chuck said after eating it (Don't get me wrong. These are my favorite baked goods in all of the land):

"What do these have in them, cement?"
Then, noticing that these are very dense and that he was quickly filling up on the whole nutty, chocolate awesomeness:
"I knew it was happening, so I just ate it faster!"
Upon further review:
"It's like eating that spray foam they use for installation. It gets in your stomach and it just expands."
Final thoughts:
"My inner goddess wants to barf."
To which I said:
"They're so good though, aren't they?"
To which he said:
"I can't answer that question right now."

Red Lentil Soup: This was pretty nice and easy and we had everything required to make it, which counts big. It's a good, panic, non-offensive go-to meal.

Moroccan-Style Olives and Chickpeas: I totally loved this. All those spicy flavors with chickpeas, tomatoes and green olives served over Israeli couscous. So good. I'd totally forgotten these flavors exist and not to mention we never use green olives, which are like my favorite thing in the world. (So what if they remind me of my Grandma Smittley's vodka gimlets, they're still good).

Oh Gah this was so good. Marrow Toast at Lake Avenue Cafe on Saturday night. I burned the eff out of my mouth cramming it into my face. Plus, it's so fun to eat. "Let me use my little spoon to dig out this gelatinous substance and spread it on my toast." 
This is like my favorite thing that is made in the Duluth city limits. It's pork shoulder with bits of bacon served on a cheesy polenta with bitter greens. From Lake Avenue Cafe. 
This is Panna Cotta from JJ Astor, where we went for dessert. Love. It's so pudding-ish and subtle. 
This is the best thing I've ever drawn in Draw Something in, like, ever.  
The Hunger Games: How come I haven't read anything yet about how Lenny Kravitz and Katniss seem to have a sexual tension that is not at all reflected in the book? There is a scene where our former dread head is all gold eyelinered out and he's zipping her coat before she goes into battle and that zipping takes just a little. too. long. And then they put their foreheads together and then it is like PUT YOUR TONGUE IN HIS MOUTH, KATNISS!

I suppose this is why fan fiction sites exist.

Aside from that, I was a little disappointed in the casting of the two duds vying for Katniss's attention. Don't give me that "just normal boys" speech either. This is Hollywood. No one wants to look at normal boys.

Cosmopolis: A Novel by Don Delillo: Eric Packer has a 48-room spread complete with a lap pool, shark tank and screening room. His is one in the line of nondescript white limousines parked out in front of the building. The floor of his ride is made of imported marble. It has a bathroom and enough space for his daily rectal exam. He's got a cartoonish load of money, his billions birthing billions. What he needs, in Don Delillo's novel, is a haircut.

I totally loved this. When Chuck and I line our hallway with author photos, Don Delillo is going to be on that wall. (There are still three slots open. Now taking submissions).

Full review here.

Lucking Out: My Life Getting Down and Semi-Dirty in the Seventies by James Wolcott: This is the memoir-ish story of Vanity Fair writer Jim Wolcott's move to New York City in the 1970s, climbing the writerly ranks and chilling with people like Patti Smith and Pauline Kael.

More lifestyle porn. Full review will be here.

There But For The: A Novel by Ali Smith: I had one question reading this book, it was never answered, so screw it.

Full bitching will be here.

Chuck linked to this article from the Atlantic about the the "slow books movement." I love it."To borrow a cadence from Michael Pollan: Read books. As often as you can. Mostly classics."


Whiskeymarie said...

Another bone marrow lover- yay!
Also, in your honor I'm re-reading Crime and Punishment, last read at age 16. Wish me luck.

diatribes and dish said...

That pork shoulder is one of my Duluth favorites, too. The marrow, though, I just can't bring myself to do it. Same thing with sweetbreads. Ugh.

Mach1 said...

Wait, bone marrow? What happened to your vegetarianism streak?

Christa said...

Keep up, F Scotty. It's veganism. And it's only when we're at home. And not always even then.