Saturday, April 7, 2012

Toasted ...

I guess the big news right now is that Subway's Sandwich of the Month is Bacon, Egg and Cheese. Mostly this just means equal rights for people who don't wake up on time to enjoy the shop's breakfast fare. I don't know about you, but I really believe the only way to make a sandwich better is to plop a half-inch thick disc of microwaved egg product on it. (I don't have the most refined palate. I'd also fill a Big Gulp with Nacho Cheese and a straw, so you might want to look elsewhere for tips on how to exist in a polite society).

Anyway, they started advertising this in mid-March and if you think I wasn't keeping a countdown, then you don't understand just how restless this regular has become.

Recently I had a pre-lunch convo with CHRISSIE! about the grilling option offered at Subway. Point of fact: A grilled Turkey and Cheese is greater than a cold Turkey and Cheese. This is true across the sandwich board. CHRISSIE'S take was that she thinks it's a dick move to ask the Sandwich Artist to take the time to toast a sub. I understood where she was coming from. It took me a long time to warm up to it, too. I don't want to be state-ist, but I believe this is a Minnesota thing and that if we were in, say, not-Minnesota, we would be more inclined to say "Toast it. Twice. First with JalapeƱos, then without." (I recognize this a weakness that will get me nowhere and I've been taking small steps, like miniscule, like backward almost, to correct it). Anyway, it's not like the Sandwich Artist gets paid per sandwich they crank through the conveyor belt.

So I ordered the Sandwich of the Month on Italian Herb and Cheese, with Cheddar. The Artist 1) Heated the egg-like disc in the microwave; 2) Set aside a few strips of Bacon; 3) Cut me 6 inches of Bread; 4) Removed the Egg-like disc from the microwave and put it on the bread; 5) Added the Bacon and Cheese; 6) Stuck it in the Toaster Oven.

"Whoa," I said to her. "This is a really high-maintenance sandwich."
She nodded.
So I vowed to her that I would stick to Turkey henceforth. And she sighed with visible relief.

Other than that: When I turned the corner to fill my glass at the soda machine, I had to wait for a man who was washing a set of chopsticks under the machine's water spout. Yeah. I don't know. ...

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