Sunday, April 15, 2012

Melk ...

After the Fish Fry, we decided it might be nice to have an old-school slumber party. Bras in the freezer and prank calls. Fannie's dad shipping up some of his world famous popcorn, a super secret recipe of extra light kernels salted to perfection. We didn't take the evolution of interests into account, and instead spent the first few hours with a soft mound of cheese spread on gourmet crackers and beers at Fannie's Summer Home in St. Louis Park. Fannie and I squaring off in Draw Something, Princess Linda kicking around apps on her new iPhone and considering the zillions of approaches to ring tones.

We went to King's Wine Bar and ate Tater Tots, nuggets of fried potato and cheese with a bacon dipping sauce. Fannie and I split an Arugula and Beet Salad and Shrimp and Grits; Princess Linda went with the gooiest of gooey Mac and Cheese. We consumed a handful of bottles of Prosecco between the three of us and our surprise guests: Dong and Hank.

I've been wanting to do this for ages: Sit in a dark room, cackle and cash wine bottles. Deconstruct the time when Fannie was invited to go to Cancun with a guy and agreed to go with the stipulation that he not expect her to sleep with him. Not that she wouldn't, she just didn't want him to think that paying for a plane ticket and hotels made it a sure thing. Spoiler alert: Fannie with her bags packed, uncorked a bottle of wine to wait for him to pick her up. Uncorked another bottle of wine when he was late. Six hours later he called to say he was taking a different girl, Adios. She was pretty blurry when we rallied the troops at McMurphy's that night to each come up with colorful ways to describe the dude.

(Fourteen years later, I love that Fannie made this stand).

Yesterday we ate brunch al fresco at Salut. Eggs Benedict and maybe the beginnings of a sunburn on my back. Not hung over, but layers of grogginess and gooey balls of eyeball excretion from sleeping in my contacts. We shopped a bit, Princess Linda left, then we shopped some more. I bought three leotards, and no I'm not worried about what happens when I'm wearing them and have to pee. Small price to pay.

This was a pretty tame visit, light on crazy antics. Although Fannie and I did have to negotiate fresh blood stains on a sidewalk in Uptown. Also: When we realized the shirt I was wearing still had a piece attached so that it could be draped from a display hanger, we had to dip into a shop, borrow a scissors and perform a quick fix on it before I could safely return to Urban Outfitters, where I got the shirt in the first place. Is there anything more awkward than going into a store wearing their clothes the wrong way?

Stopped in Minneapolis to see CHRISSIE! and QT and enjoy some rough talk on their lanai. I was served Fresca and treated to a very naughty commercial for Liquid Plumber.

Last night Chuck and I watched an old movie, then got so drunk on ice cream that when he said "I love your melky white skin" I choked on air.

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