Saturday, March 24, 2012

Moving pictures ...

Our cable provider made a programming change that has eliminated the CW from our lineup. I knew the switch was coming so I had time to prepare. Though, can you ever really know how you'll respond to tragedy? I closed my eyes tightly and tried to imagine what it would be like to have all of my friends go flying off a cliff, passengers in the same fatal bus crash.

Blair Waldorf's screeches busting out the windows before impact with the rocky ledge.
Tyra Banks giving the world its final Smeyes.
The stoner-calm 90210 surfer girl Ivy transitioning to acceptance before caroming from Mother Earth and to Sister Sea.

The CW has long been my favorite network, including in its previous incarnation as the WB. This is the prettiest channel on all of television, a land where effortless hair bounces off shoulders and shoes make that special and enviable clack against pavement. The dialogue is snappy, the songs plucky and the fashions edgy -- though always filtered through the lens of program-creators who seemingly Pla-Doh Fun Factory'ed their own teen years into something less clumsy. A place where zits heal over night and there is always a new kid about to move to town.

I hoard my TiVo saves for this one night of the week -- Friday -- when I can main line episodes until the sun comes up, faces bleed together on the screen and everything starts to sound like a Death Cab cover band. The plots stopped mattering to me seasons ago. I can no longer remember which floppy-haired dope Blair Waldorf is madly in love with this episode, but still I watched. Everything from this weekly marathon came from the CW except "Grey's Anatomy," which remains the barnacle of my routine because one time a season or two ago they had the most stunning finale I'd ever experienced and I keep wondering if they'll ever match it.

So Week One without "Gossip Girl," "90210," "Ringer" and "America's Next Top Model" passed and I lived. I went out in public, saw a band, read a book. I came home on Wednesday with that sink-into-the-couch-ness that ordinarily calls for a break in protocol, dipping into the Friday fodder for some mindless chilling. But there was nothing saved except 100-plus TiVo suggestions, so I sighed, flipped to Bravo and settled in.

Friends, I watched that channel for two and a half hours. I watched one episode of some nonsense one and a half times, even. Reality TV, real estate, wheelers and dealers, whatever. I giggled and cackled and developed loyalties and Googled my questions and it was all great fun.

Sometimes loss brings a special perspective. Reminds us who are are at our core. In losing the CW I remembered that all I really need are moving pictures on a screen.

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2ska said...

Bitch, you don't even KNOW the angst this has caused me.