Monday, March 19, 2012

Left All We Owned (in a hole in our backyard) ...

Something about this weather makes me want to eat ice cream every day. Also, it makes me think that stocking up on a laundry room full of canned chickpeas is no joke.

Anyway, here is what I made, read, watched and whatever else tripped my home row fingers this past week. Be good.


Hurry Curry: This is one of those recipes where the recipe writer is like "Yeah, just chucked a bunch of stuff together and whamo, dinner." You would think after four years of cooking and all my anti-plan, anti-authority-ness I'd be better at that willy nilly-ness, but I still have to be all "How many Teaspoons of Curry" and "Wait. How do you make rice?"

Anyway, this was good and simple.

Our neighbors decorate for only one holiday: Easter. This is achieved with a huge Hallmark bunny pasted to the front window. This is some freaky shit, the way this room is lit and this bunny shadow leering out the window. It's all very Donnie Darko.

Me: I don't feel like making dinner.
Chuck: Well, you don't have to.
Me: Then what happens?
Chuck: You wait and make it later.
Me: Let's try this again. I don't feel like making dinner.
Chuck: Well, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do.
Me: Let's try this again. I don't feel like making dinner.
Chuck: Well, why don't you just make dinner, but pretend you're doing something else?
Me: Like a game?
Chuck: A game!
Me: ...
Chuck: Okay, fine. I'll make dinner.
Me: No, you don't have to.

Fannie made a few mixes for our road trip to Roch a few weeks ago and I'm still spinning Disc 1, which I believe was titled "Chrissie and Fannie's Big Adventure." Regardless, this is where my obsessiveness really shines. Playing and replaying.

First I get wrecked on Track 2: The Lady Is An Arsonist by Communist Daughter. I can listen to this song upward of 15 times in a row. I should note that I saw them live at Tycoons on Friday night and they played my favorite song last, which I guess makes it the definite cassingle.

Three Reasons I Adore This Song:
1. It begs for that kind of rhythmic shoulder bopping my people are known for. If I busted this move out at a live show, someone half my age would stand behind me and ape it. Luckily no one can see me in my car.

2. I love love love the way the two vocalists blend together in this unconventional way. It's like finding out that you can put pineapple on pizza. This happens even bigger and better on "Soundtrack to an End," but this is about "The Lady is an Arsonist." So.

3. There are some great lines in this song, but I always like it best when they sing "I write a letter ... You burn before you read." But it's the "Southern boy with a can of gasoline" that gets stuck in my head every day when I listen to this song 15 times.

Then I bop over to Track 15: Running With The Wolves by Cloud Cult, probably the most frequently-mentioned band to land in the pages of this web blog. This song wasn't necessarily off my radar, but it wasn't one of my favorites until I started working my re-play magic on it.

Three Reasons I Adore This Song:
1. The story. It's about ditching our clothes, disconnecting the phone, burning the mail and pitching worldly goods into a hole in the backyard. Then taking off and running with the wolves. I like a song with a good story. This song has a good story. Note: Even the most casual of Cloud Cult fans would know this song is a sham. They would never bury their stuff in the backyard and take off. (The environment!) They would be more likely to donate all of their stuff to a small but reputable nonprofit organization that could divvy the items up among people who need it. Admittedly the song loses punch when sung that way.

2. Craig Minowa sounds like someone is squeezing his guts, like everything in his body is threatening to spill out of the top of his head, especially when he sings "Left our cubicles in little flaming piles" and "I need to feel something different for just a little while."

3. Like all songs by Cloud Cult, it has this triumphant-ness to it that feels like the apex of a movie. Especially when he says "And we're never coming back!"

We Need to Talk About Kevin: This is a really collage-y look at the story written by Lionel Shriver about a woman in the aftermath and pre-math (is that a word?) of her misfit son's deadly rampage against his classmates. There is little talk and lots of symbolism and the movie leans closer to a horror story than I remember the book. Also: There are some really disgusting scenes involving food and mouths and while I tend to delight in the yuck, I'm pretty glad I didn't have to eat anything red immediately following the movie.


Super into Tuna Melts this week. Big time. On Italian Herb and Cheese. With Cheddar. Toasted. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions and jalapeƱos. Innards scooped up with Baked Cheddar Lays.

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick Dewitt: This Western about the Sister brothers, who are guns for hire during the gold rush, is a total riot. The duo travels from Oregon City to San Francisco and back again and meets a whacky cast of characters and discovers the pleasure of tooth powder.

Full review will be here.

As I've mentioned, my New Year's Reading Resolution is to every month read: something I already own, something from 2012, something from the library and a graphic novel. This entered a grey area this week when I considered what constitutes something I already own. Take, for instance, a review copy of a book I receive in the mail. It's not something that I at one point bought and planned to read and then missed my interest window. But it's also not something I paid for. So does it count as something I own?

A: Yes. Chuck figured out the tipping point. A review copy might be new to this house, but in a year, a month, whatever, it would be something I owned that was shelved (or piled) in this house, and that would make it a viable candidate for the Something Owned category. Phew. That was a toughie.

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