Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thugs and jerks ...

Curious about how I spent the past week? Urine luck. Here is what I made, ate, watched, overheard and read.


Chipotle and Sweet Potato Chowder: I made this meal because I thought it looked like something someone could eat without using her teeth. That turned out to be not necessarily true, but it was worth it anyway. I've usually stayed away from Chipotle Chilis in Adobo Sauce because one time I went apeshit on them in a chili and woke up screaming because I thought someone was giving my colon a snake bite. (How's that for an advertisement?)

Anyway, I really liked this soup.

Restaurant week started here last week so JCrew and I took the op to eat a $10 lunch at Restaurant 301. Some people read Restaurant Week menus and look for what sounds delish. JCrew bargain hunts. She looks for the best value of all the values available. Which restaurants are serving the most otherwise expensive fare for $10. Anyway, we totally won on this one. It. Was. Awesome.

Sauteed Chorizo and Minzuna Salad with Fried Capers, Tarragon and a Soft Poached Egg. 
Croque Madame

Also: Chuck and I ate at Hanabi on Sunday and I had the opposite of what one expects from Sushi. Not in a bad way, but definitely in a "Whoa. Did I just eat at the State Fair?" way. So good. So filling. So, oddly fried. I believe that this roll has Fried Tempura on the outside and there is Sour Cream inside. It took three pieces before it felt like I'd gotten stuck on the Tilt O'Whirl.

Devil Roll from Hanabi
Hugo: This story of a clock-enthusiastic orphan living in the roof of a train station, avoiding the copper and trying to solve the mystery of a project he started with his father before his father died in a blaze. It's magical.

Drive: This is my favorite movie I've seen in like forevs. Ryan Gossling as quiet cool, a stunt man who also picks up side gigs as a getaway driver for all sorts of thugs and jerks. Then he gets mixed up with the neighbor lady and all hell. Chuck likened this one to "Shane" and I can't say it any better. It's just shot so cool with this real gritty 1970s-ness and Ryan Gossling.

Edward Scissorhands: I'd never seen "Edward Scissorhands," and didn't even realize I'd never seen it. What a cute and funny little movie. I'm not convinced I believe that a) Edward would kill Anthony Michael Hall, or that b) the murder wouldn't be investigated. But I suppose if I'm going to suspend my disbelief enough to ride along on the concept of a man dressed like Robert Smith having scissor hands and wowing the ladies with his natural skills as a beautician, I should probably go the extra mile.

Our 80-something year old neighbor shoveled our sidewalk. He tells Chuck he can't get his snowblower to work. That a friend promised four years ago to install an electric starter on it to make it easier, so he wouldn't have to crank away at it.

"We kept putting it off," he said. "Then he up and died on me."

Other People We Married by Emma Straub: Straub's collection is 12 stories about a woman or women who are on vacation, intrigued by something beyond themselves, not-quite in love with their partner or in love with someone who doesn't return the sentiment. She drops readers into a life, then willy-nilly spits the reader back into the world. (Admittedly, sometimes prematurely).

Full review is here.

Wild Thing: A Novel by Josh Bazell: This is the follow up to Bazell's so awesomely disgusting and exciting debut "Beat the Reaper." It is not even in the same solar system as "Beat the Reaper." But it is funny. Well, funny-ish. There is a really lame and unnecessary cameo.

Full review will be here.

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