Monday, February 20, 2012

Say goodbye to Hollywood ...

My Saturday night started in front of a bar on East Superior Street with a party that was winding its way West to catch a Billy Joel cover band at Tycoons. It was just this side of chaos. Stand in a circle with friends, glimpse at the stage, catch movement out of the corner of your eye and realize the singer, fitted coat, sunglasses, is standing on a wooden structure above your head singing "New York State of Mind," or something similar. He leaps off, winds through the crowd, you lose him, he's singing "Moving Out" or whatever. Entertainment, good stuff.

In other news, here is what happened in the past week movie-wise, book-wise, etc.

Here my friend Millsy and I talk about cramming cats into carriers when they need to be transported from one location to another.

Battle Royale: This hokey Japanese horror movie is based on the hokey Japanese novel about a government program that strands teenagers on an island together and asks them to kill each other off, winner is the last one standing. It deviates here and there from the book, but remains similar, and without the opportunity to make hokey descriptive sentences instead relies on other hokey conventions. It. Is. Fantastic. The soundtrack is really great and has this sort of epic, summer blockbuster sound that seems straight out of an adventure story produced by Disney, though just the opposite.

Hipster Hal chills on Saturday night. He's all zonked on cold medicine.

Teen Mom 2: I confess. I wept when Leah and Corey split up. I thought those kids were going to make it. Now all my money is on Kailyn, who wins most improved between Season 1 and Season 2.

Otterbox Defender Series Hybrid Case & Holster for iPhone 4 & 4S  - Retail Packaging - Peony Pink/Gunmetal Grey: My God I love this thing. My iPhone is wrapped in a bullet-proof container. Clunky be-damned. I could now carry my iPhone while snowboarding(1) and it's totally cool for me to spill salsa on it or drop it into a puddle.

If only the Otterbox for Kindle was as exciting.

Here CHRISSIE! goes for the chin tickle at RT's on Friday night.

Lightning Rodsby Helen DeWitt: An idea man comes up with a way to deflect sexual harassment issues in the workplace. Anonymous women, called Lightning Rods, are rolled naked into a bathroom stall and the businessmen are encouraged to seek release.

DeWitt's novel is hilarious, but hard to describe in  a way that doesn't sound kind of awful and women-hating.

Full review will be here.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being: A Novel by Milan Kundera: I re-read this because at one point it was one of my favorite books in all the world. Aside from a few favorite scenes, it did not live up to my TOP FIVE standards. No way, nuh uh. Not in a world where Jennifer Egan is making words.

Full review will be here.

"I don't make eye contact with myself when I look in the mirror." -- CHRISSIE! at Duluth Grill, Friday, over grilled cheese sandwiches.

"These are the things I do instead of cleaning the litterbox. Meh, 1:30 in the morning ... paint the bathroom," Chuck, 1:30 a.m., right before he painted the bathroom.

I asked this on Facebook and only got one solid response. Are we taking our Kindle's into the bathtub or is that a terrible idea? Because I really want to.

(1) I'm not going snowboarding.

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