Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meat sauce in a broken bowl ...


First I went to brunch with CHRISSIE!

1. Bloody Meat and Cheese Glass: While that looks like a Bloody Mary, it is actually a glass filled with Pepper Vodka, Cheese Cubes, Pepperoni and Stuffed Olives. I think the best Bloody Mary requires a fork.

2. I signed some official paperwork that said it was okay to use my likeness in a talkie. And then it was no biz like show biz time.

3. Then I read Japanese horror, oozing with glee when someone took a sickle to someone's neck and they described the bloody gash as looking like a baby's mouth. Later someone got their eyeballs gouged out and a person who took a spray of machine gun bullets to the noggin was described as looking like "meat sauce in a broken bowl." I love Japan.

4. Pizza at Thirsty Pagan with Chuckles. We witnessed a band change its name over a Spicy Italian and Garlic pie.

5. Movie that I thought would be terrible but wasn't.

6. The tail end of a chili party, where people drank things like Phillips Snoshoe Grog, a clever Brandy-Peppermint Schnapps mixture, other people performed air guitar concerts and we talked about anally expelling tape worms.

7. Sure. I'll give CHRISSIE! some tender touches. (But not with my own hand).

8. Got pensive.

In other news, here is what I made, watched and read this past week.

Three Bean Veggie Chili: I made this and forgot to take a picture but it was good. I mean, it's chili. Mostly I just wanted to use those little fake ground meats and I wanted something to cover in a layer of Dorito-similar rice chips. It all worked out well.

Cauliflower and Chickpea Tagine: (This recipe is an adaptation of the one I used from "Urban Vegan" but it's close enough).

Cauliflower is so weird. Someone really should do a study on what happens to it in its cooked state. One minute it's all crunchy, the next minute it's like mashed potatoes. And in this dinner, a mix of Indian seasonings that becomes this not soup or chili, but mushy mix of Chickpeas, Cauliflower, Onions, Garlic, Carrots. It was good. And topped with Almond Slivers. It was good, but mostly just tastes like a relative of a lot of the food I make.

No Strings Attached: Instead of the obligatory apology for watching this movie (and admitting it publicly) I'm just going to say, you know what? This movie is truly funny. Hokey, yes. Predicable, of course. Does Natalie Portman's face look weird, double yes. Do I consider myself more Team Kunis-Timberlake, the duo who came out with a similar movie at the same time, yes yes a thousand times yes. But still. Whoever wrote this movie, an answer that is a simple Google click away, a Google click I'm not willing to make, is a comic genius.

Exhibit: There is a really great scene where four roommates, including one gay man, are all ruing their menstrual cycles. One of the roommates brings a steaming hot mug of whatever to Portman, singing "Tea for your vagina!" And then Ashton shows up with a Period Mix for Portman, which contains songs about bleeding and blood and "Evenflow" and more and IT'S REALLY FUNNY!


The Adults: A Novel by Alison Espach: This coming-of-age story about a girl from Connecticut is really well written with great, but spare, instances of dialogue. Way to go, Alison Espach. Four Goodreads stars.

I am starting to wonder why so many stories and shows and etc., include a high school girl smitten with a high school teacher. Is that a thing? I don't remember having the hots for a teacher. I think we all thought one was cute and we considered some handsome older dudes, but I don't think we were sitting around imagining banging any of them.

Anyway: Full review at Minnesota Reads.


Jodi said...

Confession: I too watched No Strings Attached this weekend and was surprised by how much I didn't hate it. Is it groundbreaking? No. It's a total TBS movie, which means some month soon it will be on TBS every other weekend and I will not change the channel if it comes on.

Christa said...

I will not change the channel either.
I'm not the only person in this house who didn't hate it. The other person, though, made me promise not to write that this person didn't hate it. "These are secret laughs," this person said.

Jodi said...

I can understand the unnamed person's desire for secrecy. Had you not written about it here I'd have never told another soul about watching the movie and not hating it.

chuck said...

Oh Orin. So secretive about the movies he watches.