Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The contract still intact ...

Last week Jodi's sister posted this video on Google+ that so charmed me that I can barely see straight through the cartoon hearts steaming out of my head. It's partly the song. "Everything Counts" by Depeche Mode. It's partly the little girl using a recorder to play chimes and the little boy plucking at the keyboard and the dad's intense face.

Sometimes I go weeks and forget that Depeche Mode ever happened. And then, when they creep back into my consciousness, I'm re-thrilled that this band exists.

For about the 1,000th time I've decided I only want to listen to Depeche Mode for the rest of my life.

In other news, here is what I watched, listened to and read last week.

Flashdance: I must have watched this 100 times when I was a kid. My mom had taped it on VHS, one of few movies we had, so it was in heavy rotation. Although I didn't remember the scene when young Alex, who looks surprisingly like Karate Kid, fellates her lobster dinner. Though I do remember the part of the scene when she rips off her overcoat to reveal a Playboy Bunny style tuxedo vest. Sometimes I look for clues to my mom's psyche as a young 30-something in the media she favored.

I wonder what it is about 1983 that made it not pervy for the 18-year-old girl welder-by-day to get hit on by her much older boss while she's working as a sexy-dancer-by-night. I'd like to see the movie from the perspective of his ex-wife, talking on the phone, pacing, cigarette smoke pouring out of her nose and she's screeching about the teenaged hussy who has her husband all hot and bothered.

I have a few more questions about this movie, including the elaborate props, costumes and lighting Alex is using in her stage show and if she dropped out of high school.

Communist Daughter: Soundtrack To The End: Chuck and I caught this Minneapolis band at a coffee shop on Friday night. I love the imperfect harmonies of the band's singers, who are really charming not just in stage banter but also in looks exchanged during songs. I would think that if you like New Pornographers you would like this band.

Also: I that night, I had cheese cake that had a crust made of cherry pop tarts. Theory, A. Practice, B-. I bet it was better two days earlier. Still, I was so pleased by the concept that it outweighs that B-.

The Barbarian Nurseries: A Novelby Hector Tobar: Through a series of no-communications, the Torres-Thompson parents independently go on the lam, leaving their young sons alone with the housekeeper, who has no idea what to do with them, tries to deliver them to their grandfather, and is mis-identified as a kidnapper by the parents, the authorities and the media.

I liked this one. But I've never wanted to actually reach into a book and punch people so fiercely.

Full review? Try Minnesota Reads!

The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi: A young girl comes of age amid upheaval in Iran, then is shipped off to Vienna to continue her schooling in a safe place. This proves to be a different kind of awful for the young girl who struggles to find her place. Loved it.

Full review will be on Minnesota Reads.

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