Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rally faces ...

My favorite part of the annual Birthday Rally in Spirit Valley is the part where you go up to a bartender at the Kom-on-Inn and say: "I'll have what the mayor's having."

(A: Summit Pale Ale).

Chuck and his bestie The Great Archivist held their 39th Annual conjoined birthday extravaganza on Saturday night at one of the few untapped bars in West Duluth that hasn't yet played host to this event. That is one of the rules of the annual party.

This is my second favorite holiday of the year and my sixth consecutive year of attendance. This year was noteworthy for the set of headphones The Great Archivist and Geo Girl picked up at an auction earlier in the day and tried to pass off onto unsuspecting guests nostalgic for a time before technology, when you could kill off your friends and teachers with dysentery. We scored a pair, and I am going to plug them in and learn about the state capitols and Spanish.

It was a good night, good bar. Lots of people. I performed some performance art shamelessly swiped from Miranda July.

Notable events in previous years include: Chuck wearing a pair of goalie pads The Great Archivist burned off the wall, then Chuck and me making out in the backseat of JCrew's escalade until we got to Taco John's where we came up for air long enough to order Clam Chowder, cackling as we took turns screaming "Stir the Stew!"

Winning a U of Kielbasa during the Birthday Rally Meat Raffle, then getting strong-armed by an aggressive party guest who did not want to leave a Meat Raffle without meat. I traded her for a beer for me and the mister and then we hugged in the parking lot of Mr. D's after I dug it out of my trunk for her. Now we are friends because we both like to watch Tori Spelling on TV. Later that night The Great Archivist hopped on stage and was allowed to sing his version of "Big Balls" by AC/DC with the live band.

Dining at the Jade Fountain and trying a bite of someone's dinner that included oyster sauce and deciding that oyster sauce is really fantastic.

Leaving the original location of the 2009 party for last call at the Rustic, where the bartender must have  turned up the gravity all the way to the red zone. Revelers kept succumbing to it, doing the back stroke on discarded piles of pull tabs.

Last year Chuck got wrecked on Red Bull and I played video games. There was, coincidentally, a buffet that included chili or lasagna, something red and meaty, that had been on a table for the general public for an extended period of time. It was delicious.

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