Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ol' No name ...

It might bore you to know that I am always in the process of A) losing something or B) believing that I've lost something. I'm a careless person, which is why I've made it a life mission to pare down my cares. I tend to believe that as long as I have my cell phone, my ID, and a debit card life will be A-OK. This is why if my luggage is ever lost you will read a post here about how liberating it is to send 32 pounds of jeggings into outer space.

Despite holding these three things dear, these are also the three things I most often lose. Right now it is my drivers license that disappeared. For about the third time since I got it renewed when I was 34. I'm pretty sure it is stuck between the pages of one of the library books I returned last week, but not sure enough to do anything more than call the library to see if it turned up in the Lost & Found. Or maybe a long-haired 14 year old boy is using it to buy Sour Apple Pucker as we speak. Either way.

A cop followed me part of the way to the mall, where I had to go to order a new license. I kind of wanted him to pull me over because I thought it would be interesting to say: "Funny you should need to see my license. I was just now going ..."

I thought I was going to be fucked when I went to vote, no ID and all, but turns out once you're registered you're cool. I watched an election judge try to guess a voter's name, just for fun, about 3 minutes before the polls closed.

"I've almost got it," she said, studying his face.
"You've got a few minutes still," he told her.

It was all very charming.

I like that when you lose things as an adult no one yells at you and tells you to get your shit together. They just take your $13.50 and tell you a new one will come in the mail in 7-10 business days.

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