Friday, August 26, 2011

On the outs ...

NYC -- On this episode of Our Vacation, we try to figure out how to get out of New York tonight so we aren't trapped at an airport, subsisting on burritos from Chili's, rationing toilet paper and writing missives in blood in the pages of mass market novels by Michael Connelly.

This is the worst non-vacation vacation ever. Two hours on hold with our airline. Studying Amtrak routes. We're supposed to be at Coney Island right now riding the Cyclone and barfing up hotdogs right into the Oompa Loompa bronzed laps of hairy middle aged men dressed in their finest Speedos.

That girl weeping on the roof of a hotel in Brooklyn, staring at the Manhattan skyline like a betrayed lover: That's me.

Fuck you, Earth.


feisty said...

That fricken sucks, man.

And i am guessing this was a planned trip, and not a last minute idea per usual?

Terrible timing, hurricane. What a waste of a perfectly good NYC vacation. Hope you get out ok, and soon.

Sproactually said...

Did you manage to leave the city?

Christa said...

Si, senor.