Friday, March 11, 2011

LOS ANGELES -- A guy came up to Cath and me. He was holding slices of an apple. He explained to us that this was the best kind of apple. Juicier than you find in stores. Best apple ever. He offered us a thick slice. Cath took a bite. Then me. It was good. But there is something a little X-gamey about eating an apple from a stranger's meaty hand.


Karaoke DJ: Belinda Carlisle is a lot like Phil Collins.
(There was a 12 measure break in my song)
Me: Not at all.
KDJ: They were both drummers who sang.
Me: No. Gina drums. Belinda has no music ability at all.
KDJ: are you sure? I think she was the drummer.
Me: Dude. I'm positive. I read her memoirs.
(To punctuate this with how I'm her hugest fan seemed like overkill. And, frankly, sad.)
KDJ: Oh. Well you learn something every day.
(End of 12 measure break.)

Guy Across the Street: Hey! Did you guys hear about Japan?
Us: No ?
Guy: Big earthquake. Tsunami. We have been watching it. You guys, it's so sad.
Us: Oh, man! Oh no!
Guy: Yeah, it's all over Facebook right now.

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