Thursday, March 3, 2011

A little something to get off my chest ...

A few weeks ago I became incensed with the bra industry with very little provocation. I was at Target browsing the unmentionables and could only find one boulder holder that matched my personal specifications and so I decided it was a conspiracy:

"EVERYONE HATES A 36B!" I screamed in my head.

I didn't research this theory. I was basing it solely on what this store had in stock. Plenty of bras in the 36B tier, but only one that didn't have cups padded to resemble hockey equipment. I don't want that. Water bras. Gel bras. I like to be able to feel if a hard boiled egg has affixed itself to my chest as I lean over a salad bar. I want my bras unpadded, demi cup with an underwire. This appears to be a lot to ask.

As you would assume from my B-level ranking, I do not have large breasts. My rib cage, however, has a decent girth. An aesthetic comparison: The whole set up is a bit like decorating a dining room table with tea candles. Adding a padded bra just makes me feel bulky and transexual.


Now this has become a thing. Every time I'm at Target, I wander around looking for 36Bs, nodding self-righteously when I encounter bra after bra that could easily be mistaken for knee pads.

I remember getting my first bra. I had noticed my friend Gina's telltale straps one day at school, and went home to tell my mom the news. "Gina is wearing a training bra," I told her. She humored my elementary school envy and took me bra shopping that weekend, picking up three trainers that looked especially cool when I wore a Polo shirt. That line across my back like a single guitar string. Turns out Gina had been wearing a slip, so the whole thing was a little premature. I remember writing in my diary a few weeks later something like: "Dear Diary, By now I have been wearing a bra for so long that I don't even wear it anymore."

Last weekend I was at Target, picking through the leftover Valentine's Day lingerie and poking through lacy displays. Once again, I found just one unpadded 36B with an underwire, in black. I bought it.

I wore it for the first time on Tuesday, and on Wednesday noticed that it looked strange, broken, laying on the bedroom floor. I picked it up, fingered a flap of material that had come loose, and gasped:

A nursing bra?!

I dug the tag out of the garbage, and sure enough in fine print:
"One-hand easy release nursing closure."

Of all the extraneous features. Of all the bizarre things for me to own. A nursing bra! I slipped it on and showed Chuck the magic trick. "And then," I said, "Viola!"

He covered his mouth and backed away, a giant laugh about to burst to the surface.

Everyone hates a 36B.


Kate Kay said...

First of all, holy crap. I laughed. Hard.

Second, HONEY. Stop bra shopping at Target! I buy all of mine via Bare Necessities. At least go to Kohl's or Younker's! Theirs are a little more utilitarian and a little less discount-store-skank.

Ruralmama said...

I am laughing so hard, I'm about to wet myself. Not so hard to make happen anymore, at 33, I appear to be incontinent already. But the laughter is much appreciated.

Stores also hate D cups. Unless you want a bra that looks like something even your grandma would turn her nose up at. Icky.

I too have a giant problem with all the padding, what's up with that? Even with the D's (thankfully I'm back down to a C, but that's beside the point) they add padding. Um, OK...what about the ladies out here OUTSIDE the stripper profession? Do we all need to have heaving cleavage? I feel sorry for those grannies now, they either have to wear giant white bras that *look* like they should be for nursing mothers, or they have a fine array of stripper bras with heaving cleavage. Take your pick!

Kelli said...

I love you, my friend.

tamg said...

They put too much padding into ALL bras. Even nice ones for us top-heavy girls. And some of us who have more than others do not need the extra padding to make us even bigger. We're straining our shirt buttons as it is. I just want something that'll keep them off my knees, and maybe be just a little bit pretty.

Sproactually said...

I'd put dollars to donuts, bras are designed by men.

My personal favorites are the Victoria secret second skin satin ones.. but I don't wear them, I am just a fan...

feisty said...

hilarious! aren't nursing bras are hideous.

i'm the same size and you describe the crisis very well.

traci said...

HA! I started buying my bras at Nordstrom's after getting a fitting there. I used to be under the impression that I was a 34C. Nope, 32DD (try finding one of THOSE at Target!). Nordstrom's has plenty of options and the women are always helpful.